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Tz Cumbo-Nacheli

Tz Cumbo-Nacheli, Staff

Message from Tz: Hi friends!

Tz's real name is Letizia, but she is best known by Tz! Tz is 15 years old but she is turning 16 on October 16th! She's currently a Junior at Forest Hills Central High School. She plays varsity volleyball, bowling, and tennis. On top of her personal sports, she is the team manager of the FHC varsity hockey team. A fun fact about me is that I am bilingual! She goes to almost every sporting event; so, if you see her, say hi! Letizia would love to have a conversation! Tz can't wait for this upcoming 22-23 year!

Favorite drink: Pure La Croix

Favorite cereal: Chocolate Mini Wheats

Favorite snacks: Toasty Cheez-Its, peanuts, or salty buttery popcorn

Favorite restaurant: Osaka

Favorite word: CHEESEBALL

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Tz Cumbo-Nacheli