Water polo secures three consecutive wins


To say the least, the FH water polo team has officially bounced back from its past games. After a few bad breaks, the girls came back better than ever, taking over their game against East Kentwood on Thursday, April 27, and their Grandville tournament on Saturday, April 29.

Starting off with their game on Thursday against East Kentwood, tensions were high as both teams knew this would be a highly impactful game. East Kentwood was the game on their schedule that the girls were determined to win–and that they did. It was a fantastic game and they won 5-2. Winning this game allowed the team to be ranked third in the district.

“Everyone worked really well together and communicated well. Our defensive game was amazing. We shut down all their top players. We also had much better passes and drives,” junior Ashley Schenck noted.

For the girls, those were the keys to winning the game. The last two times FH has faced East Kentwood, defense, communication, and overall momentum was lacking. That all changed on Thursday due to the fact that the girls wanted to win that game badly, allowing their performance to rise. This victory meant a lot to the girls, was a huge win for the team’s morale, and the future of their post-season play.

As for Saturday, the girls attended their Grandville tournament. They played two games: the first against Grandville and the second against Dexter. In the first game, the girls won 10-2.  Overall, the girls performed soundly because everyone worked together fluidly. Heading onto the second game, the girls won by a landslide—winning 15-1. Additionally, JV players got to play a bit during this game, building their experience in a competition setting.

“We were able to try a few new plays and practice setting up more,” Ashley stated.

Winning the Dexter game was important to the team, not only to secure another win under water polo’s belt, but to keep the FH versus Dexter rivalry in favor of FH. Even with the undefeated run at the Grandville tournament, nothing could beat the feeling of winning the game against East Kentwood. All three of those games were exciting and thrilling, causing the team to have ample fun whilst competing.

FH water polo’s next game is on Tuesday, May 2, against Portage Central at the FH Aquatic Center, at 7:00 P.M. Be sure to make it out there to watch the girls keep up their winning streak!