Ranger bowling takes down the Red Arrows


On Monday, February 13, the boys bowling team traversed all the way to Hillcrest Lanes in Belding to compete against Lowell.

To start off the match, they played a series of two baker games. In the first game, the boys won 188-115. This pin lead was a major confidence boost for the team. Heading into the second baker game, Lowell stepped it up; however, it was not enough to beat the Rangers as the boys won 195-152. Since they won both baker games, the boys won four points per win and two extra points for winning the total pin count of 383-269.

With a lead of 10-0, this gives them a huge advantage heading into the individual games. In the first individual game, the boys played excellently. Their total pin count was astonishing as a collective whole as they bowled a 1023 and won the first game 1023-704. All five players won their individual matchups. A special shout-out to Carter Lyons as he bowled his all-time high score of 182 during the match.

“I was very happy and very excited about bowling my all-time high,” Carter said.

In the second game, the boys won 820-752. Only three out of five bowlers won their individual games. Although the team lost those two points, it was irrelevant as those were the only two points Lowell won. The boys ended up winning 28-2 and won the total pin count of 1843-1456.

”My bowling veins were bursting out of joy and something finally clicked,” Luke Stiles said.

Overall, they were extremely successful during the match and it was a great way to end the regular season. Now, the boys are heading into post-season play. Their next game is a tournament this Saturday, February 18, at Park Center Lanes. This tournament will not affect their post-season record, but be sure to make it out to watch the boys compete.