The Rangers were unable to put the Huskies down


The last time the boys bowling team went up against Forest Hills Northern, it was a great success. The boys proved their dominance over Eastbrook Lanes and were ready for a sequel to their victory. Unfortunately, the Northern Huskies were seeking revenge and successfully achieved that.

On Monday, January 23, the boys had a match against rival FHN. The Rangers came into the match with a mindset that they were already going to win. Northern proved them wrong. The boys had control and ran the lanes until they were defeated on Monday.

The only win they secured was in the first baker game. They won 147-113. FHC got lucky since both teams did not perform the best. In the second baker game, they lost 174-187 because of a lack of making spares. Players got in their heads and were just over-bowling at this point.

In the first individual game, the boys only gained one point. Senior Peyton Price was feeling under the weather and was unable to put the necessary points the team needed on the board. Peyton is an integral part of the team and his loss to his opponent was detrimental to the team. He is one of the most consistent sources of points and pins so with him not being on his best game did not serve the team well. The first game resulted in an extreme loss of 623-768.

In the second individual game, junior Luke Stiles stepped up and replaced Peyton at his 5th spot. Luke was also not feeling well but he hit his marks and bowled well. He ended up winning his match 210-175 gaining one point for the team. The overall score of the game was 738-743 and the Rangers as a whole fell five pins short of winning. Owen lost 110, 113 to Northern athlete, Owen Bosid. Chris Humphreys lost 125-150 to Tyler Nontorcot. Junior Wes Baldwin won 175-159 against Ethan Tran. Peyton lost 118-146 against Marcus Huizinga.

In conclusion, the boys lost 9-21 which was devastating. Spectators and the players on the team know the talent this team possesses. Both groups acknowledged that this was not their best performance and did not live up to the greatest potential this team has. The team’s next game is on Wednesday, January 25, hosted by Greenville against Greenville at 3:30.