Transfer athletes who make FHC’s athletic programs better


Forest Hills Central is an extremely athletic school which attracts athletes from all over Grand Rapids to transfer to our school. Given this fact, over the past two years, FHC has lured two phenomenal athletes to this school because of the successful athletic programs at FHC. In addition to athletics, athletes do not transfer just for the sports, but also for the academics and school culture.

Beginning with our most recent transfer, I introduce to you junior softball player, Jamison Sturtz. Jamison previously went to Forest Hills Northern from seventh until eleventh grade. She wanted a change, so she transferred to her current and former rival school, Forest Hills Central.

“The transfer was a hard decision, but it meant a lot to me. It was the right choice to make,” Sturtz commented.

She is an avid and extremely talented softball player and is an integral part of the team. So far this season, Sturtz has had three doubles, eighteen hits, and is a player who a coach can always count on. She is versatile as she catches, pitches, and pretty much does it all for the softball team. She has been playing ever since she was nine-years-old, so she is dedicated to this sport and brings so much to the table for the FHC softball team.

Along with Jamison, Jonas VanderWoude has also improved the athletic program he is involved in: basketball. Jonas has been playing basketball for twelve years. He previously attended Grand Rapids Christian, and he transferred to FHC because of basketball. He transferred last year–his sophomore season–and made varsity his first year playing for FHC, which is difficult to do in the basketball program here at FHC because of how competitive it is.

“My grandpa had previously coached and taught there [FHC], and I knew that it [FHC] was a good school and also had a pretty good basketball program,” VanderWoude said.

Those two factors–basketball and school–sold Jonas into the idea of transferring. He was well-welcomed to the team and the school when he transferred.

“I fit in and knew what to do and played my role as a sophomore on varsity,” VanderWoude stated.

Jamison and Jonas are both great athletes and well-rounded people overall. Without them, the softball and basketball programs at FHC would not be the same. They have both changed the team culture and the success of their respective sports. Due to their commitment to their teams, they are key players to be relied on. They both know that FHC has some of the best student-athletes around town, and these two are among those best.