The three prized possessions on the boys varsity bowling team


This past Saturday, the top three bowlers on the boy’s varsity bowling team were invited to a single’s tournament at Park Center Lanes hosted by GRC. In order to qualify for this tournament, the boys had to have an average above 175.

Peyton Price is considered FHC’s best bowler as he is the anchor of the team and has been on varsity since he was a freshman. At the tournament, he performed very well; during the seeding rounds, Peyton was cooking as he bowled a 219 in his first game.

Unfortunately, he lost by one pin in the playoffs against a Grandville bowler.

“I was on my game and in the zone bowling until a few distractions got in the way,” senior Peyton Price said. “Unfortunately, the pressure got the best of me when it counted.”

The second bowler at the tournament was Luke Stiles. In the regular season, Luke is the fourth bowler and has been on varsity for two years. Luke did not bowl well at the tournament as the pins were not on his side.

“I was bowling well, but I couldn’t catch a break,” Luke said.

The last bowler was Wes Baldwin. Wes is FHC’s third bowler and has been on varsity for two years. His first and last games went extremely well as he scored highly; however, all the games in between were really rough.

Overall, this tournament did not go as the bowlers planned, but this will only give the boys more motivation to prove themselves in the competitions to come; the boys will redeem themselves at their next match on Monday, February 13th, at Hillcrest Lanes.