Water polo advances to regionals after districts


As the regular water polo season is wrapping up, the FH water polo girls are heading into the post season district games. In order to advance into regionals, the girls had to win their first district game and the other games that followed that determined their seeding.

Water polo’s first game was against Mason. Going into this game, the girls knew they were going to win; however, they did not let that get into their head. The Mason athletes already knew their fate was sealed as FH won every game they played against Mason this season. FH ended up winning 15-0, their first shutout game of the season. Winning this game meant a lot to the girls even though it was against a team they already beat. Winning against Mason gave them a one way ticket to regionals and this is the first time since 2018 the water polo team has been able to advance to Regionals.

After beating Mason, the girls had two more games to play to determine their seeding in Regionals: East Kentwood and Rockford. All they needed to do is not place fourth and at least beat one of those two teams. Their goal was to beat one team and unfortunately they did not. Against Rockford, FH was doing a lot of things right; however, they had a lot of bad passes right to the Rams possession. Against EK, the team did a lot of things right that they were even winning at a point during the game. Sadly, there were several five-meters called and lots kick outs which brought them down.

Despite losing, those two games were the best the team had played in terms of utilizing the whole pool and every athlete being a threat on the goal this season.

“Although the losses are disappointing, everyone put in their best effort and is glad to be playing for another week,” junior Ashley Schenck said.

Since FH water polo lost both games, they now have to face the number one team in the state, Hudsonville, for their first Regional game. The girls do not have high hopes for this game but they are happy that they have made it this far into the season. Even though they are at a huge disadvantage, they will give it their all in this game and are praying on a miracle upset in order to advance further into Regionals. It will be tough but at least this year’s team already made history.

“I am excited to have made it to Regionals and am looking forward to playing together with the team again. Although we are facing the number one team in the state in the first round of Regionals, I know everyone will give it their all. Above all, I hope everyone has fun in this last week of our season,” Schenck said.
The season was amazing up to this point as FH had a great run. Now, the girls need everyone in the Ranger, Huskie, and Hawk community to support the team and send their best wishes and good luck to the girls as they will have the hardest game of all season next week on Friday, May 19, at 6:30 pm.