Greenville bowling stung the Rangers


Wednesday night, the boys traveled to Jacket Lanes for the second match against Greenville. The first time they went up against the Yellow Jackets, they won. Unfortunately, this time they lost 3-27. They played very well; however, Greenville surpassed everyone’s abilities.

Greenville improved since the last time the Rangers went up against them, so it caught the team off guard. Despite valiant efforts and incredible scores, those high numbers were sadly not enough to win.

Baker games were rough, even though they shouldn’t have been. The boys didn’t have a productive warm-up so the baker games served as a warm-up. The boys could’ve easily won both matches but they weren’t ready to kick in gear yet. If they would’ve won both bakers, the final score could have resulted differently [13-17].

In the first baker game, FHC lost 149-202. The Rangers left a few open frames and it did not help that Greenville had multiple strikes in a row, which rapidly increases a team’s score. In the second baker game, the boys closed the gap as they lost only 160-173. ┬áIn total, they lost bakers 309-375.

The individual games rolled around and it looked like a brand new team showed up to bowl. During these individual games, the team bowled one of its highest series. Every player on the bowling team scored above a 130 in the first individual match and above a 150 in the second. In the first individual game, FHC lost 959-966 and only took away two wins out of five. Collin Kirkman won 183-133, Chris Humphreys lost 130-182, Wes Baldwin won 198-194, Luke Stiles lost 201-204, and Peyton Price lost 247-253.

Despite Peyton losing, it was a momentous day for him as he hit his all-time high school career-high of 247. A 247 is an extremely good score; however, his opponent, Taylor Boyce, won by a mere six pins.

In the second individual match, the team lost 867-973 and only finished with one individual win, giving one point to the team. Owen Milanowski won 169-147. Carter Lyons lost 152-172, Wes Baldwin lost 179-202, Luke Stiles lost 198-258, and Peyton Price lost 169-194. In total, out of the two individual games combined, they lost 1826-1939.

Overall, the boys had an outstanding performance across the board and it boosted everyone’s averages. Their next match is next week Monday, January 30, at 3:30 P.M., at Eastbrook lanes.