Tz’s Tea: Who were the best male and female senior fall athletes at FHC?

Tzs Tea: Who were the best male and female senior fall athletes at FHC?

As athletes head into their senior year, there is a common trend to their mindset: go out with a bang. When you are a senior, you hope to leave your legacy on the program you grew up in. There are two seniors that left their marks on the programs they were involved in. In addition to their athletic talents, they are gifted academically, were both named Rangers of Honor, and grew up being best friends. These two seniors are none other than Sarah Dunn and Crandall Quinn.

Sarah Dunn is talented in all sports. Coming from a family of athletes, Sarah has the athletic trait in her blood. She played volleyball her entire life and recently joined the varsity basketball team for the first time just to have a little fun her senior year. She was a member of the varsity volleyball team all four years of her high school career. This year, she was named 1st Team All-State, Academic All-State, All-Region, and OK White All-Conference. Having that number of achievements is incredible. She ended her senior season with 618 kills which is impressive to say the least. Although she could extend her playing days into college, Sarah decided to finish her volleyball career in high school.

Crandall Quinn is a ray of sunshine. Not only is he talented in football and lacrosse, but he also demonstrates sportsmanship like no other. Although he is committed to the University of Michigan for lacrosse, he will always be deemed the “great wall of Ranger Country” on the football field, for he was almost impassable as a defender at the line of scrimmage. He led the team in tackles with fifty-six, twenty-three of those being solo, on his way to being named to the Division 2 All-State Defensive Team and the MLive 2022 Defensive Player of the Year. As a team captain, he led his team to the Division 2 State Championship game at Ford Field and kept the team’s morale high all season long.Despite the fact that he could also very be the best senior spring athlete for 2023, his performance on the football team in 2022 was unsurpassable.

Although there are many amazing female athletes within the walls of FHC, none compare to Sarah Dunn. I was fortunately one of her teammates this year and having her on the team was a blessing. She was a great friend, player, and teammate. With Crandall Quinn, he always has a smile on his face and is one of the most selfless athletes known. He puts his teammates and coaches first and no matter what, he puts 100% effort into everything he does.

Overall, Sarah and Crandall have skill sets on multiple levels and are noticeable to everyone around them. It is simply enjoyable to watch both athletes play in their chosen realm of sports. Sarah Dunn and Crandall Quinn have the possibility to go down as two of the best student-athletes in FHC history. Their work throughout high school paid off their senior year making them the best fall senior athletes.