AMF Eastbrook Lanes belongs to the Rangers


After a rough tournament on Saturday, the varsity boys bowling team wasn’t ready to take another loss. On Wednesday, the boys played Forest Hills Northern and they didn’t back down. They came out on top and put the Huskies down winning 17-13.

The team bowled 818 in the first match and 868 in the second match. During the first game, the team had a combined 19 strikes and 17 spares with Chris Humphreys and Wes Baldwin having the highest scores of 181 [Chris] and 174 [Wes]. In the second game, Luke Stiles and Peyton Price led the team to a win over Northern as they bowled 226 [Luke] and 206 [Peyton]. In that game, the team had a combined 18 strikes and 21 spares.

On Wednesday, two players stuck out the most. Those players are juniors Chris Humphreys and Luke Stiles. Humphreys had a phenomenal run today; he averages around 120-130 and he managed to bowl a 181 today with four strikes, four spares, and knocking nine pins down in the remaining frames. Luke Stiles was another player who had an incredible game today. He bowled a 164 in the first game with three strikes and five spares. In the second game, Stiles bowled a 226 with seven strikes and four spares. In the first three frames, both Luke and his opponent had turkeys [three strikes in a row] which are impressive. In the end, he managed to crush his competition’s ego by beating him with twenty pins.

“Today, something clicked for me. I managed to bowl really well,” Luke Stiles said.

Overall, all of the boys played extremely well. They took over the Huskies in our shared home lanes and proved who runs the hills by winning 3/4 games played. The team’s next game is next week on Monday, at 3:30, at AMF Eastbrook Lanes.