Dancing into the Christmas spirit


As the Christmas season rolls around the corner, the dance team is ready to celebrate it together.

Each year, the dance team has a Christmas party. At this party, they do a secret Santa gift exchange. In the days leading up to this classic tradition, members of the group draw random names to become that individual’s secret Santa. The secret Santa then uses a wish list from the chosen person for assistance in buying gifts. At a later date, the group reconveens and exchanges the gifts. Secret Santa is a fun way of exchanging gifts because everyone is clueless about who you will be receiving a gift from and it’s an activity that builds anticipation.

Senior Kaylin Scheuneman was given the responsibility of organizing the secret Santa this year, but the real masterminds behind the entire Christmas party are the team parents.

This party serves as not only a way to celebrate the holidays but also as a team bonding experience. This is particularly important for any newcomers who may still be adjusting. Ellerie Knowles is a freshman on the dance team, and it is her first year on varsity. After a conversation we had, she expressed her feelings towards this party by saying, “I am excited that I will be able to get to know the team a little more.”

This year, the Christmas party will be held the day after the dance team’s first competition. The team always tries to plan the party around the holidays; however, this year, the party will take on a double meaning with a way for the team to hopefully celebrate their success from the previous day’s event. Unfortunately, the party typically falls on one of the busiest times of their season, but this is seen as a good thing because it provides the team with a much needed break and allows the girls to just have fun without having to worry about the dance aspect of it.

“My favorite part about it is all the good food that every family brings, and we also do a secret Santa every year which is always fun,” senior Ali Grendel said.

Personally, I love secret Santa and Christmas parties because it is always a great time of year and a fantastic way to spend time with friends. Thanks to the dance team, the journalists of Sports Report will also be partaking in their own secret Santa. So this goes out to the FHC dance team: I love your tradition. Out of all of the traditions that I have written about this year, this one is by far one of my top three favorites. Not only is it based around the most wonderful time of the year, but it also expedites team bonding because of the happiness that is in the air. Be it a secret Santa or another chosen practice, I encourage everyone to find a tradition to make your own and pledge to keep it going year after year.