Sydney VanLente


Name: Sydney Vanlente

Grade: Senior

Sport: Water polo

Why did you start playing water polo or what inflenced you to join?

“I started water polo my freshman year because a lot of the girls on my swim team wanted me to join.”

What would your advice be to younger water polo athletes?

“Take the mistakes you make and learn from them and to have fun—always.”

What is the best suit brand in your opinion?

“The best suit brand is Jolyn or Arena.”

How does swimming and diving competitively affect your water polo career?

“[They] have helped with my endurance in the pool as well as being able to play a smart game.”

How long have you been playing for?

“I have been playing polo for three years because my freshman year got canceled due to COVID-19.”

How are you feeling about this being your last season because you are a senior?

“I am happy to be going to college but I will definitely miss the team and all of the bonds we shared.”