History is repeating itself for the boys varsity bowling team


On Wednesday, February 1, the boys varsity bowling team went up against Northview for a rematch. The first time the boys went up against the Wildcats they lost. and sadly, they lost again 28-4, and this makes Northview the team to beat as they are undefeated in their conference this year.

In hopes of at least getting a minimum of ten points overall in the meet, they were unable to complete this task. They were outbowled beyond all skill levels. Even the team’s five bowlers, Peyton Price, fell short to his opponent. The baker games were split between a tie and a loss. In the first game, FHC tied because Northview didn’t have its usual peak performance. That first baker game was 156-156. In the second, the Rangers lost due to Northview picking it back up and redeeming itself by winning 165-148.

The individual games were mediocre as players were either injured or feeling fatigued. The winter weather is getting to the athletes and affecting their game mentally.

“With the time of year and sub-par weather, the players are checked out and not as devoted to bowling anymore–and it’s affecting the outcome,” Peyton Price said. After that comment, he reflected on his own life by saying, “I have 2 other sports, work, and my personal life going on outside of bowling which is preventing me from being 100% at the matches.” Peyton’s insight allows fans to realize that despite being committed bowlers, they are human and won’t play 100% every minute of the day.

FHC lost both individual games badly. The athletes did not play up to their standards. What made it worse was that they were bowling on “house shot” which is an oil pattern easier than phantom [the oil pattern FHC normally bowls on]. It wasn’t the lack of effort or skill, it was just that the players were mentally checked out. The first individual game was rough; however, the boys were able to redeem themselves in the second individual game by closing the pin gap. In the first individual game, FHC lost 974-719 and lost the second individual game 806-721. Overall, the team lost the total pin count of 1780-1436.

FHC’s favorite bowling brothers made an appearance and completely shocked the FHC bowlers with their talent. Both brothers bowled over 220 in the first regular game.

“They are just too good to compete with,” junior Owen Milanowski said. He then proceeded to add, “They pretty much have perfect games every time they bowl because of how much they practice–it pays off. We still have to try but we won’t win because they are so good. Might as well try because you never know what will happen,” Owen said.

Overall, the boys are not starting their second round of conference games off well. What they need to do is forget about the past in order to move on and gain some more victories under their record. For a talented group of athletes, a low win rate does not match the abilities of this team. Fortunately, if everything goes according to plan, the boys will easily secure a win next week Monday, February 6, against East Grand Rapids, at Clique Lanes, at 3:00 P.M.