FH Water polo falls to Hudsonville in the first round of regionals concluding its season


After a great season, FH Waterpolo sadly concluded its season after losing 15-0 against Hudsonville. The girls knew that the cards were not in their favor; however, they put up a valiant effort despite all odds.

“We tried our best,” varsity player Nora Magers said. She added, “It was expected that we were going to lose but we didn’t let that stop us.”

It was definitely a hard loss for the girls because no one ever wants their season to end—especially when the season was going well. The girls managed to stay somewhat positive throughout the game. The team ended up going out for ice cream after the game to celebrate a great season.

Although it was a rough game, the girls managed to have a few breakaways and several good attempts on Hudsonville’s goal. The second half was way better than the first half as the girls got into the swing of things. Despite the fact that FH did not score, the team chemistry and fluidity of how they work together was visible.

“People were still—especially towards the end—working together to try and do the best they can with the limited resources available,” junior Ashley Schenck said.

Hudsonville had an advantage in pretty much every aspect of water polo compared to FH. One thing Hudsonville didn’t have an advantage in was team chemistry. Although they are a great team overall and do have team chemistry, FH stays together through it all and has impenetrable bonds.

“We know going into the game we were going to lose because Hudsonville has been the #1 team in the state for the past five years but people were still cheering each other on,” Ashley Schenck said.

It definitely is unfortunate that the girls lost in the first round of regionals and concluded their season sooner than wanted, this group of athletes made history for all three Forest Hills schools and set the bar for future FH water polo teams.