The Byron Center Bulldogs bite the FHC Rangers


On Monday, January 30, the boys played Byron Center for the second time. The first time they went up against the Bulldogs, they lost. Unfortunately, history repeated itself and they lost 6-24.

The baker games were split 1-1. In the first game, FHC won 135-115 due to Byron’s poor performance. In the second, the boys fell short 25 pins losing 140-165. They also lost the total pin count point 275-280.

The individual games went well, but Byron Center out-bowled the team. In the first individual game, FHC lost 696-881 and gained one out of nine possible points. Carter Lyons bowled first and lost 166-224, Owen Milanowski went second losing 100-186, Wes Baldwin won 142-116, Luke Stiles lost 152-164, and Peyton Price lost 136-191. This was rough for the last three bowlers since all of their averages are above 180. This affected their mentality towards the second individual game since all these bowlers were in their heads.

In the second individual match, the team lost 698-819 and only finished with one individual win, giving one point to the team. Coach Tarabek switched the roster up dramatically in hope of winning some points back. His intentions were recognized by the team and almost were fulfilled; however, his efforts did not pay off. The team only won one point because Wes moved from third bowler to first. Wes won 205-200, Chris lost 122-133, Collin lost 115-170, Carter fell short by two pins losing 165-167, and Luke and Peyton combined lost 91-149.

In the middle of the second individual match, Luke Stiles was subbed out and replaced with Peyton Price. Both Luke and Peyton are known for their bowling skills but that was not shown. Together, they bowled a 91 which is half of their average. This was a shock to the team and the players. At the end of the match, the total pin count was calculated and FHC lost the total pin count, losing 1394-1700.

Overall, a majority of the boys boosted their averages and to others, it was a rough day. This match was not a reflection of the talent this team has. The bowlers’ next match is Wednesday, February 1, at 3:30 P.M., at Northfield Lanes against Northview.