Love lululemon but hate the price

General view of the lululemon store in Berlin on June 27, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)

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General view of the lululemon store in Berlin on June 27, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)

lululemon is ridiculously overpriced; however, I still love lululemon.

You may be saying that leggings for $100, sweatshirts for $120, and tops for $68 are not worth it. I disagree. One factor why I love lululemon: It is worth your money in the long run and every item pretty much has a lifetime warranty. The reason why the prices are high is because lululemon is a high quality brand with the most amazing return and trade policies. For example, for any item that is worn out or pilled, you can bring it into your local lululemon store and have it exchanged for another item of the same value if you still have the receipt on hand.

Some may argue that “dupes” or different brands are better because they are cheaper and feel the exact same. That is false. lululemon designs and athletic wear are one of a kind. Other brands, such as Aerie, can produce similar products, but Aerie items do not last compared to lululemon. Do not get me wrong, I shop at Aerie and enjoy their clothing lines; however, I prefer lululemon. Aerie copies all of lululemon’s designs such as crossover leggings, scuba jackets, and align tank tops which makes Aerie non-original–hence the name it is given: off-brand lululemon.

lululemon’s athletic gear can be worn in a variety of occasions–not just in the athletic world. Personally, I love wearing the scuba jacket during warmups for tennis, but I also use it to go out or just lounging around the house. Their Ebb to Street shirts, align tank tops, and align leggings are a few of my favorite products because of the comfort, feel, and quality they have. The reason why lululemon is so expensive is because of the high quality materials the company uses, strong brand image, and innovative designs. When wearing any lululemon product, you can tell that it is not cheap clothing.

Another reason why I love lululemon is because of the discounts the company gives. The company does not simply give discounts out to everyone, because as a result, the brand would lose its value and creates the perception of scarcity. lululemon is smart and only offers discounts to a few specific types of people: military [current and veterans], first responders and medical personnel, and Sweat Collective which is a diverse group of people connected by dedication to an active lifestyle and community leadership. Although they do not offer discounts to the general public or have sales, they do have a “We made too much” section which is when they make too much of one item and price it cheaper, outlet stores, and “like new lulu” which is lululemon products priced cheaper because they were worn once or twice by previous customers but then they returned them because they did not love it. Black Friday is also an exception, but it is only on some selective products, not the entire inventory.

Even though I hate the price, I strongly believe that lululemon is worth it. I love it and will always support the brand and wear the company’s clothing. lululemon is worth the splurge. Now that you know what you know, are you going to shop at lululemon at some point in your life?