FH waterpolo has a rollercoaster of a week


After an extremely successful run at the Mason Tournament last weekend, the girls were hoping for the same results coming into this week. Unfortunately, they lost against East Grand Rapids on Thursday, April 2o; however, on Friday and Saturday, the girls had an opportunity to redeem themselves at the Hudsonville/Zeeland Invite.

The loss against East Grand Rapids was tough. EGR is known for being a well-rounded team and they are placed 5th in the state. The girls did not let this fact intimidate them, but, the Rangers did not play to their greatest potential.

“We did not go into this game well. We didn’t play like we wanted the win,” junior Olivia Oorbeck stated.

Coming out of that game, the girls knew that something needed to change. The way they played against East was not the team they truly are. They learned from their mistakes and decided to shift the momentum forward going into the Hudsonville/Zeeland Invite.

Friday was the first day of the Hudsonville/Zeeland Invite and it was energetic. They played Hudsonville’s B-team that day and they had fun. This game was eventful. There was a lot of energy throughout the game with lots of laughs and changes. For example, Olivia Oorbeck had to step in as goalie because Sydney Bacon got put into a kick-out. Throughout Oorbeck’s goalie journey, she blocked a shot!

Heading into Saturday, the second day of the invite, they girls played Zeeland, Stevenson, and East Kentwood. They won 15-3 against Zeeland. They started off slow but they were playing down to their level. During the second half of the game, they got it together. As for Stevenson, they lost 11-1. Stevenson is one of the best teams in Illinois and the girls’ knew it was going to be a hard game. Most of Stevensons goals were because of breakaways caused by slow reactions from FH. Their final game on Saturday was against East Kentwood. EK is a good team but FH is a faster team but FH did not take advantage of that. Forest Hills were ahead 3-2 at first but then lost 8-3. They were making mistakes that shouldn’t have been made. For example, EK has a great player, one of the best defensive players in the state, and the girls didn’t guard her the way she needed to be covered.

Overall, it was a rollercoaster for the girls. From losing to EGR 14-2, to having a good run at the Hudsonville/Zeeland Invite going 2-2, they enjoyed it all. Water polo’s next game is on Monday, April 24, home at the FH Aquatic Center, against East Lansing, at 7 P.M. Be sure to make it out there to support the Ranger Ladies!