The new Ranger mascot: Is it beneficial or a waste to our school?

A picture of the original Ranger mascot costume.

A picture of the original Ranger mascot costume.

Recently, the new Ranger mascots were designed and introduced to the FHC community. One male [Rocky] and one female [Ruby]. These new mascots have sparked conversation amongst all athletes, students, and teachers not only at FHC but throughout all three Forest Hills schools.

The Ranger costume has yet to be been seen this school year, and students have been realizing this. Because of this absence, both positive and negative conversations about the digital depiction and actual costume have been brought to our daily topic of discussion.

Junior Paige Harsevoort stated, “I have not seen the physical mascot in person this year, but I don’t like the way the new ones look. They should’ve spent more time on the female costume to make it more appealing because the only reason they changed it was to be more inclusive.”

In previous years, we only had one mascot which was the original male mascot that all Rangers are no stranger to. This came to an end when the Forest Hills community wanted to be more inclusive and add a female Ranger mascot.

Teacher Laura Stiles said, “I think we should’ve gotten both Rocky and Ruby suits.”

In addition to Stiles saying the suits would be important, junior football player Ty Hudkins said, “A Ranger mascot would be super important to the game, but I haven’t seen one at all this year.”

Stiles is very passionate about the Ranger mascot as she is a head executive with all things in Ranger country. She claims the following: “Instead of it sitting in a box all year, waiting for a random student to ask to use it, the ranger mascot should account as a varsity letter. We should hold tryouts and have one special student who is loud, funny, athletically talented, and knows how to put on a show be our mascot.”

It would be beneficial to most athletes if the mascot appeared at games, and it would serve as a privilege to the lucky student inside the mascot; however, the general public thinks differently as some students have negative things to say about the mascot.

Senior Evan Farber said, “Having a mascot is funny but not necessary.”

Seniors Luke Piotrowski and Shannon Murphy both commented: “A mascot won’t affect game energy that much.”

On the other hand, some students think it would be crucial and a significant change to our game and school spirit. For example, junior Molly O’Meara emphasized the importance of having a mascot at games. “Last year when the mascot showed up, it made the student section more lively and the team playing feels more supported.”

Now that we have two mascots, will both show up to games? We aren’t even sure if the Ruby Ranger suit even exists, but if it does, Penelope O’Meara has something to say about it. “It would be nice to only have one mascot at each game, not both female and male. It would be too confusing and distracting.”

Sydney Fentzke, a proud Ranger, added, “I don’t want to see the lady Ranger. I like the original Ranger.” Sydney is not the only one who thinks this way. Fellow Ranger Marie Betz also agreed with Sydney’s sentiments. “The lady Ranger is unsightly, disproportioned, and doesn’t represent what FHC stands for.”

All students, athletes or not, have mixed feelings about the new mascot. Despite this tension between the group that agrees one hundred percent that it loves the new mascot and the opposing group that  absolutely detests it and wants the old Ranger back, our Ranger spirit will still be the same.