Volleyball sisters unite the volleyball program at FHC

Freshman, JV, or varsity: No matter which team these young female athletes are on, they are all part of a big volleyball family.

Before every home game lies a tradition that isn’t well-known to the public: volleyball sisters. The volleyball sisters tradition started ten years ago and will continue for many more. In each sister group, there is one player from each team. This tradition brings all three teams closer together and unites us as one.

As a player on varsity, my volleyball sisters mean so much to me. The bonds created between the three of us are unbreakable. At practices, we somewhat find a way to have a conversation or even warm up. Before game day, we uplift, inspire, and encourage each other. If you’re having a bad day, then, of course, you have your team to talk to, but you also have your volleyball sisters.

I asked two varsity players what is so essential about volleyball sisters.

Senior Averie Zaschak replied, “Volleyball sisters is important because it gives you the opportunity to become close with girls from all levels and be there for each other whenever we need it. On top of that, it makes our program more of a family.”

Junior Ayla Ahmetovic responded, “It allows us to make connections with different volleyball players from the other teams.”

In addition to my previous inquisition, I posed a question to two freshman players. Why do you like volleyball sisters?

Clare Knoester answered, “I get to meet older and younger girls, create friendships, and build the volleyball program.”

Addy Quinn said, “It makes me feel like I am a part of a family.”

Whether this tradition brings you closer to other athletes or is like a second family to you, every girl has a special spot for volleyball sisters in their hearts. Even after ten years, this tradition is still kept alive and will continue changing the lives of future volleyball players.

Special thank you to Coco Mehney, Sophie Shields, Kinzi Tilton, and Clare Knoester for inspiring me to write this article. You girls have influenced me in ways words can never explain; you serve as a reminder of why I love this sport and display kindness like no other.

Over the past decade, this underground tradition has influenced hundreds of volleyball players. Hopefully, in years to come, other sports will use this bonding method in their programs to create a family.