Girls varsity water polo is off to a great start coming back from spring break


After a needed, long-awaited, relaxing spring break, the girls varsity water polo team was ready to kick back into gear. On Tuesday, April 11, the Rangers took on Zeeland East to resume their season.

To say the least, this game was incredible. Every player on the team–except one–scored. This was outstanding as everyone on the team made shots on the goal and they successfully won 15-1.

“It was to the point in the game that we were a faster team and we were making too many breakaways to count,” junior Liv Oorbeck said.

In the first quarter, the girls were up 8-0. FHC began treating the game like practice because of their immense lead. After getting that point cushion, the girls began to focus on more technical aspects of the game such as setting up and pressure passing. In short, the game served as an opportunity to work on things that the team needed to tweak in a pressured situation.

FHC campout with strong shooters on offense which caused them to have a complete blowout over Zeeland. The Rangers had possession of the ball way more than expected and it was clear who the more advanced team was. Everyone on the team stole the ball at least once and because of that, the points started to rack up on the board.

Coach Sarah told the girls to work hard and be aggressive. She said this to the girls because the team already came to the conclusion that it was going to win because they won before. The team kept this mentality and it played smart as they did not stoop down to Zeeland’s level.

After the game, the team felt great. Going into it, they knew it wasn’t going to be a hard game, but it was a good way to start off the season after spring break. Overall, this was a great game to prepare the girls for their game against Rockford on Thursday. The girls are back into the swing of things and ready to dominate the rest of the season.

Be sure to make it out to the water polo game on Thursday, April 13, against Rockford, at Rockford. Be sure to be there to support the girls!