The FH Deadheads’ improbable season

The FH Deadheads improbable season

One of the goals for the FH Deadheads was to make a deep run into the playoffs and wow did they. At the beginning of the year, the players and coach Anderson touched upon how they need to make a statement this year after having a terrible season the year before. The players put in more work than ever, and they were ready to go when the season started. But little did they know at the start of the season that the team would win a total of four games and have a .500 record while also making the Division 2 state finals to put up an impressive fight. However, despite this incredible underdog story, they sadly fell short.

“The Deadheads season went amazing,” Alex Korff said. “Making it to the finals as well as winning a lot more games than last year was impressive.”

The team started off the season with a loss against Grandville in a close game. FH then impressively bounced back against Portage and won. Suffering two straight weeks of losses against Rockford and GRCC made times tough for the team, but the players knew they had to get back on track . In the last game of a short season, the FH Deadheads got an impressive win against East Kentwood.

The team was now in the playoffs with a lot of hype built around it. The players knew they had to perform. The team started off by beating Brighton and making the state semifinals. Just a week later, the team played Rockford and surpassed the Rams them to make the team’s first state finals appearance.

The FH Deadheads knew it was not going to be easy taking on the team from Howell. The championship game was a long, hard battle but the team lost by two scores. However, the FH Deadheads had no reason to hang their heads in the loss. They made history and wrote the narrative for future FH Deadhead teams.

“This rugby season was one for the books,” coach Anderson said. “We figured out a way to win. We believed in each other. We gained confidence and played hard out on the pitch.”

Looking back on this year, the FH Deadheads set records for the club in having over two-hundred points, and being the first time the team did not have a losing record. Also, on the individual level, Alex Korff set a game record for most tries with five.

“I thank the seniors for sticking with it, believing in the process and for building each other up,” coach Anderson said. “We have a lot to build on, and it’s all because of their fortitude.”

The FH Deadheads will be back next year with a lot of momentum and determination to write a different ending that has them raising the trophy to make it known that they are the best rugby team in the state!