FH Rugby loses a heart breaker game to Howell in the division II state finals


On Thursday, May 25, the Deadheads found themselves in their first-ever state championship, against esteemed competition: Howell. The Deadheads have been riding an impressive win streak, but the question was, could they keep it going in the most important game of their season? It was going to be a hard-fought battle and the Deadheads knew that, so now they needed to be primed for success if they wanted a chance to get the win.

“Our community is incredibly proud of the Deadhead rugby players,” coach Anderson said.”Last year they went 0-6. The guys who stuck around got to play in a championship game, and they will never forget it.”

The game started off super intense with Howell scoring almost immediately, and it was not the ideal start for the Deadheads. They knew they had to respond, and that’s what they did after a couple of minutes. Junior Alex Korff broke through defense and got downright to the goal, tossing the ball back to Colton Sawyer who jumped in for the score to tie the game. The Deadheads were feeling revived now after getting level, but that would only hold for a few minutes— as Howell put together a lengthy scoring drive to take the lead going into the half.

However, the Deadheads conjured multiple scoring chances that resulted in a goal for the Deadheads that tied the game up. But unfortunately, after that the Deadheads would be shut out again. They came super close multiple times, but Howell was able to score twice to take the win 20-10.

“Tip of the cap to the Howell club, coach Anderson noted. “They were a tough squad and well coached. We had opportunities to win the game, but that’s how games go. You battle and you give your best effort, and when the dust settles you’ve got to be thankful for the opportunity to play.”

But despite the loss, the Deadheads had an incredible season after going win-less last year. They performed the ultimate turnaround to come back and compete in the state finals. The whole team played unbelievably well, even through the ups and downs. This program will forever be changed due to this season and team.

“Season was awesome. I couldn’t wish to go out with a better group of guys,” senior Evan Lubben said. “I am also proud of the seniors that stuck with us for the past 4 years. Thank you Deadheads.”

The Deadheads will pick back up next season with one goal in mind: winning the state championship.

“This season went a lot better than last year,” junior Alex Korff finalized.”This season for me will be by far one of the best and most fun.”