The boys rugby team takes down Kentwood in an absolute blowout


Yesterday on Monday, May 15, the Deadheads squared off against Kentwood in their last game of the season. The Deadheads were looking to bounce back after back-to-back losses. This was a massive game for the team, and they all knew they needed to bring their best because Kenwtood was not going to be easy to beat.

“Our forwards defiantly had a big effect in tonight’s game,” Junior Alex Korff said. “It caused a lot of scores and that was basically strategy giving it to the forwards.”

The first half started off very tight, there were chances back and forth and both teams came up very close to scoring multiple times. But after letting Knewood get the first score the Deadheads bounced back and got two scores of their own from Evan Lubben and Alex Korff, making the game tide shift back over to the dead heads going into halftime.

“It was a hard-fought first half,” Coach Anderson said. “Between the Dead Heads and Kentwood, their backs were dangerous in the open field but we shut them down.”

The second half was the best performance of the year for the Deadheads after Kenwood got another score and tied up the game. The Rangers then proceed to score 3o unanswered points and completely overwhelmed the opposition and taking complete control of the game. Kentwood was being taken down every second of the second half and had no chance to come back whatsoever. The Deadheads in this impressive scoring run got scores from Eric Juergensen and Nathaniel Hahn, three scores for Luke Piotrowski, and then multiple extra kicks from Harry Hilts. This impressive second half led the Rangers to the 57-19 victory.

“This win will give us motivation going into the playoffs,” Senior Evan Lubben said. “And will hopefully come home with a state championship if we played as we did against Kentwood.”

Their next game is a playoff game win or go home. It will be against Brighton in Lansing on Saturday at 11:30 AM. Be there and make sure to wish these Rangers good luck!