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My Top Ten Favorite Madden Cards I’ve Ever Used

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10 Jan 1999: Randy Moss #84 of the Minnesota Vikings goes up for a pass over Aeneas Williams #35 of the Arizona Cardinals during their NFC play-off game at the H. H. H. Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings defeated the Cardinals 41-21.

Throughout all my years of playing Madden on my Xbox, I’ve grown a liking to a certain ten players who are fun to use and play with, who have been absolute monsters in the game of Madden, and are why the game is so fun to play. 

Number 10: Calvin Johnson 

In Madden every year, he is always one of the best aggressive catchers in the game. No matter where you throw it or put it, he will always go up and get it. And when you’re playing Madden it is fun to just heave balls down the field and it has always been fun having his card in the game to do just that.

Number 9: Kam Chancellor 

He is always one of the biggest but quickest guys in Madden every year no matter what. Giving him the ability to pick off almost any ball that is thrown anywhere near him. Also not to mention he always hits the hardest out of any defensive player in the game by far. Making him a lethal weapon and such a fun player to use. 

Number 8:  Michael Vick 

He is always the best QB to use in every Madden in my opinion, he always has max speed and acceleration. Giving him the ability to run away from any pressure that he faces. Also though he has some of the nastiest jukes ever, sometimes even better than a running back making his scrambling ability even more fun to use. And he can sling it anywhere on the field with ease as they give him some crazy arm strength and accuracy in the game. He is just a very glitchy and fun card to use every year. 

Number 7: Bo Jackson 

Every year, Madden gives some players who are good but not amazing in real life the best cards. Now I’m not saying Bo wasn’t a great NFL player, but his Madden card is always way better than he was. This is typically the case for most cards, but despite that, every year he’s like a bulldozer with max speed. He will break every tackle and then with his max speed burst out of any hole and broken tackle making him one of the funnest running backs to use in every Madden. 

Number 6: Tyreek Hill

Nothing beats using the fastest guy in the game in terms of speed, acceleration, cutting, and the quickest juke animation probably as well. Also not to mention that he’s smaller so he can get himself in front of CornerBacks easier and make some impressive catches, and that he just torches every defender eight out of every ten times. He is just such a fun guy to have and play with after the catch as he can do so many smooth cuts and jukes and burn everyone. 

Number 5: Harold Carmichael 

This is a classic example of a player Madden makes a million times better than he was in real life. Regardless, he is still an amazing, fun card. And it’s mainly because he’s six foot eight inches tall which is the tallest wide receiver in the game. He will catch everything no matter where he is on the field. He also is a nasty juker for some reason. This card is just nasty and glitchy and it makes it so much fun to use. 

Number 4: Barry Sanders 

He is an iconic running back who is the best running back of all time in real life and rightfully deserves one of the best cards in Madden all year. He’s such a shifty quick accelerating running back that when you juke you oftentimes don’t lose any speed even if it’s a lateral moving juke. He will always burn any defender whether it’s straight up running by them or hitting them with his nasty juking ability. 

Number 3: Aaron Donald  

The most dominant pass rusher in every year no matter what. He has absolutely crazy speed for a pass rusher, so when he instantly rips away from a block, the QB stands no chance because he’s always right there in the quarterback’s face. Like mentioned, he has crazy pass-rushing moves allowing him to instantly shed any block and get QB pressure every snap. He’s a must-have and is so fun because of the damage he causes up front.

Number 2: Eric Dickerson 

For whatever reason, whenever he comes into the game he’s just straight-up glitchy. He instantly breaks the first tackle no matter what, and he also has some of the fastest speed along with a great juke. He is the best well-rounded running back of all time in Madden. It is not an understatement. He has been the glitchiest but best running back of all time in Madden history. And I love playing with him because he makes the game so interesting and fun. 

Number 1: Randy Moss 

A top wide receiver of all time for sure, and Madden does not disappoint to make him amazing. He has the best juke, fastest speed and acceleration, best route running, and he catches everything. He takes the best attributes of all the best wide receivers in the game and puts them on his card. Single or even double coverage, he will come down with the ball which is why he will be the greatest Madden card of all time. 


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