The Deadheads advance to the state semi finals


On Saturday, May 2o, the Deadheads battled out a fantastic game against Brighton in the state quarter-finals. This game was gonna be a test for the Deadheads, it was do-or-die time, and they knew they had to come out hot and ready to go. The playoffs are a completely different beast, and the Deadheads knew just that.

“Our leadership and our toughness got us here,” coach Anderson said. “Guys like Luke Piotrowski and Eric Hansen lead through action. Andrew Weiskopf pulls all of the guys in with his personality and fun. Roman Hager, Evan Lubben, and Austin Dekok just get things done.”

The game kicked off, and it was evident it was gonna be a good battle, there were chances for both teams, but the tide soon changed, and it would become all Deadheads. The Deadheads smothered the opposition and didn’t give them a chance to come back. The Deadheads just kept getting chance after chance and score after score. They got scores from Colten Sawyer, Andrew Weiskopf had two, Erik Hansen had two, and Alex Korff put the team on his back and played one of the best games of all time in Deadhead history, his performance was sensational.

This win feels great as the team celebrated at a local restaurant after the win. Alex Korff said, “This shows that nobody should underestimate the Deadheads just because of the past seasons.”

This win is a huge one for the Deadheads as a team this is putting them on the map, and this is just the beginning of the Deadheads as a team they are making themselves known and won’t stop this run until they win a state title.

“The momentum of this game has been great,” Evan Lubben said, “we play every game like it is our last.”

The Deadheads’ next game is Sunday, May 21 at noon at Hope Sports Complex vs. Rockford. This is the state semi-finals!

“We will give the semi-finals our best shot,” coach Anderson said.