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Top 10 Concessions Foods at Sporting Events

Top 10 Concessions Foods at Sporting Events

Concession foods have always been a staple of American sports and a staple of their food culture here in the USA at all sporting events. But over the years the variety of food has only continued to increase drastically and with that more and more fan favorites. But today I will be ranking the 10 best foods ever sold or still selling at sporting events and concessions.

Number 10: Soft Pretzel 

A very simple but effective side that is widely appreciated by sports fans at concessions for the simplicity it brings. Not a big mess or hassle to eat. But for the sake of it being so simple it falls at 10 on this list.

Number 9: Nachos

Another very simple dish but yet at the same time it can be very complex if you wish to add stuff to the cheesy nachos. But just another dish sports fans know they can rely on when they go to get a snack as something that will always be constantly good not amazing but good.

Number 8: Popcorn

Popcorn is always a good go-to at concessions. Another food where you know it always tastes good. And it comes with a lot of it in the boxes so you know you always will be getting a lot of food.

Number 7: Ice Cream 

Yes, ice Cream is very good especially if you combine it with the right toppings at the concession stands. But the reason it’s not higher is because they either melt too quickly and sometimes too much sugar can make you sick and you don’t want to be feeling ill at a sporting event.

Number 6:  Loaded Fries 

Fries have always been an American food that is at the top of the charts. But when concessions added cheese and sometimes bacon they became even more loved and are always a hot take at any game. They’re very filling but very tasty and you get the whole package with this top-tier concession food.

Number 5: Hamburger 

Getting into the more filling dishes served at concessions, a nice grilled hamburger at a ballpark or outdoor stadium always hits the spot. They are just always very filling and tasty and can satisfy any sports watcher at any time and at any sporting event no matter what it is.

Number 4: Pizza 

Pizza is always a guaranteed banger no matter where. there are so many good pizza spots in every town or city that supply every stadium and you always know no matter where you are you will get a good slice it is always filling and good and is also just phenomenal to go to no matter what stadium or sporting event.

Number 3: Bratwurst 

A grilled bratwurst at a concession is hard to beat. It’s like the evolved hot dog, it is sometimes too much for people which is why it’s at three. But if you are a fan you can never go wrong with this massive “hotdog” and especially at concessions they always hit the spot.

Number 2: Brisket 

Grilled BBQ but especially brisket always hits the spot at sporting concessions. A flavor-packed piece of meat that can go with a plethora of sauces and can be eaten plain or on a sandwich. It’s very filling and makes for a good meal/snack at every s[roting event.

Number 1: The Hot Dog

The staple of American meat and concession food is the simple Hotdog. It’s not messy, not complicated very simple but very effective in taste. This glorious meat can be enjoyed at all sporting events no matter which stadium or any time of the year. It has always been a fan favorite and will continue to be the greatest concession food of all time.

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