The Deadheads fall to the Rams


The FHC rugby team faced off against Rockford at Rockford High School on Wednesday, April 26. The Deadheads were looking to come out hot after just coming off a very impressive win against Portage last Friday. But, the Deadheads knew this task would not be easy, as Rockford won states last year and was ranked number two in the West Region Standings for 2022.

“Tonight we played the best team in the state,” coach Anderson said. “Rockford is well coached, experienced, and physical. We played a tremendous first half against the Rams but their size and speed took over in the second half.”

The game started off with very intense pressure from both sides and multiple chances for the Deadheads, but they came up just short several times. It seemed that with every second, Rockford was just gaining momentum and getting better. The Rams soon started to punch themselves into the endzone and slowly run away with the game. The game became very clear that the Rams were playing at the state champion level they typically play at.

Even though the Deadheads were down by a lot, they stuck with their resilience and kept battling—which showed tremendous heart and willpower. They stayed together as a team even though all the unfortunate events of that night. But as the game went on, the score continued to grow, and the boys ended up losing 70-0.

“We just need to focus on the stuff we have been struggling with for the past couple of weeks,” Evan Lubben said, “We need to bring it bad against Catholic.”

Despite this heartbreaking loss, the Deadheads are ready to put their heads down and keep grinding. They have shown they can do that already this season, especially against Portage after getting an impressive win. The Deadheads have a lot to prove for their last two games coming up, but they are up for the challenge and they are ready to do whatever it takes to get the wins.

“We have a big game coming up on May 5 against Catholic Rugby,” coach Anderson stated. “It should be a battle and we anticipate a spirited match against the Catholic squad.”

That game on Friday, May 5, is away at Catholic Central.