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The NHL playoffs are the best of any sport


There are lots of sports that hold playoffs whether it be at the minor league level or the professional league level. A lot of these sports during the postseason draw big crowds and have exciting games to watch. But nothing compares to the NHL playoffs and over the past couple of years they have only gained popularity across the world.

To get things started the NHL is the most entertaining sport, which is why it is so fun to watch come the postseason.  It is the only sport where you are not playing on a field or court, and it’s the only sport where you don’t play with some type of ball. This is why it gets a lot of attention because of how unique the sport is.

Also, it’s the only sport where you are allowed to fight other players on other teams whenever you want openly and it’s a part of the game. Just last week when the Bruins were playing the Panthers there were 136 penalty minutes in one 20-minute period of hockey.  This adds to the excitement because the sport is unique, and it’s also like watching a boxing match sometimes. This helps get the crowd into it and makes the whole arena atmosphere even better.

Also, the big hits that are laid in the playoffs are always ten times better, the playoffs always bring big bone-crushing hits. Which always makes things more entertaining and electric. Every game you are promised some hit that will make you shocked. All of these parts of the game just make hockey ten times better especially in the playoffs. There are so many things that keep you on the edge of your seat you practically can never relax, and you’re always engaged in the game because of all the action.

Also, the seven-game series in the playoffs is brilliant, I know the NBA and MLB do it too. But four guaranteed games build a sense of rivalry which makes every series instantly better, also you guaranteed more than one home game which if you are a fan of that team means a lot to those fan bases because they have more the opportunity to see their team play at home.

Now to win the cup also at a minimum that team will play 4 games and at most play 28! This guarantees a lot of games and helps the sport grow attention throughout the long postseason.  And not to mention hockey is more physical than football because there aren’t stoppages every ten seconds and there are harder hits, so it makes for faster and more entertaining games. But also the playoffs take a lot of time making them very entertaining and always providing a sense of entertainment for an extended time for NHL fans.

Lastly, the NHL has the coolest trophy in the Stanley Cup, out of any professional or amateur sports league. The legacy behind such an old trophy cannot be matched. And it is a very unique trophy and it fits the sport perfectly making it so iconic.

The NHL playoffs are the best sports playoffs and will continue to be for a long time. Nothing beats the complexity and fun an NHL game brings to fans, especially with all the hitting and fighting. The NHL is an unmatched sport when it comes time for the playoffs.

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Eli Lipke, Staff
Eli is a junior at Forest Hills Central High School, going into his second year on the FHC sports report team. Eli is a huge sports fan and loves to watch the NHL, NFL, and college football the most. Eli also plays varsity football, hockey, and soccer. Sports are Eli's favorite activity on the planet; he wouldn't want to be doing anything else. Eli loves to spend every moment of his time playing and watching sports. Something he loves: The world of sports Something he hates: Heights and roller coasters Something he wishes he did more: He wishes he would travel more His favorite food: Wings  

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