Rugby falls short to Sparta 35-10

For the first time in the 2022 season, the Forest Hills Rugby Club would get to host one of their fiercest opponent, Sparta. As Forest Hills RC enters its first home match-up of the year, the squad would get a chance to achieve several new highs on offense, such as a season-high in points and in tries, all of which would contribute to what would go down as another thriller for FH.

Throughout the whole match, the boys fought hard and kept it very close with Sparta early on. Eventually, the Spartans would go on a huge run, but Forest Hills would come back with three tries of their own. The boys managed to escape and slip past several Spartan defenders and dive their way into the endzone for a try. After Forest Hills RC made a run at the Spartan lead, Sparta managed to bounce back on the offensive end and made a run of their own. In the end, the Spartans took home a 35-10 victory over Forest Hills.

The boys are now 0-3 on the season but are continuing to progress on the offensive end, game after game. Although their game against the Grandville Bulldogs remains unscheduled currently, the boys have to wait until May 10 to play their next match, which is a rivalry game versus Catholic Central. Over the past few weeks, the boys have learned several new factors that make up the game of Rugby. And these next few days of practice are a perfect time to reflect on that.

“What makes rugby such a great sport is how the team comes together to overcome diversity,” senior Sheldon Ramsey acknowledged. “I really like at the end of a game how both teams get together and enjoy a meal to gather and have a good time.”