Girls bowling finishes sixth at conference tournament


This past Saturday, February 18, the girls bowling team participated in the conference tournament. The girls placed sixth among arguably some of the best teams in the state, an achievement spectators should not overlook.

“The girls performed at their best right from the start,” said head coach Jerry Tarabek, “but conditions change quickly and some frustration set in and things went in a different direction. All in all, they stayed together and had some fun and got some good experience going into regionals this week.”

While Saturday was nowhere near the Rangers’ best performance, it was a great way for the team to get a good look at what they will face in the regional finals. Even though the Rangers didn’t make it onto the podium for the conference tournament, that isn’t to say they can’t make the podium at regionals. In order for this to happen, some changes need to be made in the Rangers’ play.

“Mainly we need to continue to focus on their mechanics and keeping positive attitudes throughout the tournament,” stated Jerry Tarabek. “Many of the girls have never bowled in an event like regionals so making sure their nerves don’t get the best of them will be key.”

The bowlers could have the best technique in the world, but when it comes to competition time, they need to be locked in. Emotions are what separate the “average joes” from the champions. Being able to control your emotions is the most important thing when it comes to huge moments like the upcoming regionals.

“We finished sixth at the conference tournament and there are going to be a number of really good teams at regionals,” quoted coach Tarabek. “If we can finish similar to the conference tournament it would be a great showing for the girls.”

The Rangers’ next competition will be this Thursday in their first round of the postseason. The start time of the competition is yet to be announced, but it will be held at Westgate Lanes. This is what the Rangers have worked so hard for, and now it’s time for them to take what is theirs.