Girls bowling falls to Lowell


This past Monday, February 13,  the girls bowling team faced off against the Lowell Red Arrows. Unfortunately, the fight to beat one of the best teams in the state was unsuccessful for the Rangers. While this loss is a very tough way to end the regular season, the ladies have to keep a positive mindset moving into the postseason.

“The girls struggled a bit and probably pushed a little harder since Lowell has a pretty good team,” said head coach Jerry Tarabek. “As a result, they made some mistakes that did not allow them to compete as well as they normally do.”

Every team has an off day, but what can’t happen is these mistakes carrying over into the first round of regionals. The ladies definitely have some things to work on, but they are a team that is not afraid of a challenge. In this case, that challenge would be to minimize mistakes and compete at a high level during regionals.

“We need to fix some minor tweaks in mechanics for a few of the girls to help get some consistency working again but going into the postseason you cannot make any major changes with mechanics,” quoted Jerry Tarabek. “They need to try to keep good attitudes and have short memories when things don’t go well.”

This is an exciting time of the season, it is a culmination of a season’s worth of hard work that gets put on display in the most competitive environment imaginable. This can be pretty stressful on an athlete, but the Rangers are used to being under the spotlight. The Rangers have nothing to lose, they’ve had a great season and are ready to give it their best shots at regionals. This makes them dangerous, when a team has nothing to lose, they can almost become quietly menacing.

“They have some stiff competition, especially with the region we are in,” Tarabek stated. “So the hopes are we can have a better showing than last year, finish in the top half of the events and continue to build for an even better season next year.”

The Rangers’ next competition will be this upcoming Saturday, February 18, where they will participate in the conference tournament being held at Park Center Lanes at 9 am. This is their last competition before regionals, so it’s their last shot to set the tone for the postseason.