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Freshman Blake Teliczan has already emerged as a key contributor for Boys JV basketball


After the JV basketball team had just one freshman on it a season ago, big changes have come together in 2023. Four freshmen cracked the roster this winter season, some of them even making the starting lineup. One of those standout first-year players was guard Blake Teliczan.

Teliczan, along with many players in his class, has been working at the game for more than half of his life. It didn’t take him too long to realize he had serious talent.

“When I started to realize I was good, I think it was like going into my 5th-grade year when I made my first AAU team,” Teliczan said. “I was kind of like, ‘Yeah, I could probably be pretty good at this,’ so I just kept working hard and kept doing training.”

When a player exceeds expectations at his or her sport, they might think they’re under more pressure to succeed. Teliczan isn’t fazed by the added weight on his shoulders.

“I don’t feel a lot of pressure,” Teliczan said. “I think it’s just more like, ‘You got pulled up for a reason,’ so it’s more like you’re expected to do well because you got pulled up.”

Teliczan has felt at home with everything around him on the team, especially his head coach.

“I like [Coach Ike Tilden] a lot,” Teliczan said. “If you make a mistake or anything, he’s kind of a more positive type of coach, and he’ll help you out a lot.”

Teliczan has strengths out on the court, especially on offense. His presence only continues to add to a potent Ranger scoring attack.

“I think I can shoot the ball pretty well,” Teliczan said. “I have a positive attitude, and I’m a good teammate, I guess.”

No solid player is without flaws, however, and everyone needs to know that about each other and about themselves. Teliczan recognizes how he could improve.

“To get better, I should probably get stronger and faster,” Teliczan said. “Yeah, I think that’s my main thing, to get stronger and faster.”

In general, the JV basketball experience has been enjoyable for Teliczan, especially with his teammates, most of whom are longtime friends of his.

“[Being on the team] is fun,” Teliczan said. “It’s been a lot of fun. I liked playing with the better competition, and it’s fun because I’ve known the guys for a while.”

Despite much more of a connection with the teammates in his class, Teliczan has fit right in with the sophomores as well. He’s found a home playing basketball.

“I’ve played with the other freshmen a lot, but the sophomores aren’t like complete strangers to me, as I’ve known them for a while, and I’ve played with some of them,” Teliczan said. “They were really welcoming to me.”

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