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Senior Jonas VanderWoude is mastering the art of habits


The Jungle is silent, you can hear a pin drop, the lights flip on, and the basketballs begin to swish through the net. Habits have made up the life of senior Jonas VanderWoude. Now, in his final season at FHC Jonas is trying to become the best version of himself that he can be. 

However, Jonas’s journey to success began not at his current home FHC, but at his past stomping grounds, GRC. Jonas started his glorified high school career at the home of the Eagles, this is where he developed into a force to be reckoned with at the trey line in just his freshman season. However, it was not until his sophomore season and rookie season at FHC that he sealed the deal against his former school in the fourth quarter.

“I had two free throws in the fourth quarter, right in front of their student section,” Jonas said. “They’re all going crazy, and I made them both. I remember I subbed out right after and (former) Coach Carhart hugged me. We ended up winning the game, too. That was pretty sweet.”

Although Jonas’s basketball journey didn’t start here, for Jonas it all started on the Little Tykes hoops.

“Ever since I could like walk, I was shooting,” Jonas said. “My dad had a mini ball that I started shooting on Little Tikes hoops when I was two. Ever since then, I have played. As soon as I started preschool, that’s when I was in my first YMCA league.”

Along the way, Jonas’s Dad and Grandfather became the biggest influences on his young career. Although Jonas explains that every one of his coaches has had an impact on how he views his game.

“Since my Dad and Grandpa both played and coached, it was really easy for me to pick up the game,” Jonas said. “I started to play more and more, and it eventually turned into an everyday activity. I’d honestly say, every single one of my coaches has had an impact on a certain part of my game.”

Habits have shaped Jonas’s young career, whether it’s managing time effectively, putting in the work at the gym, or perfecting his sleep schedule; every little thing matters.

“My most important habit is probably using my time wisely,” Jonas said. “If I have a 30-minute window when I can get in the gym, I’m going in. Even though it’s not that long, I have to be efficient with my time. No matter how long I am in the gym, I have to be going hard, working on the little things. My favorite quote is: ‘Game shots, at game spots, at game speed,’ which is what Stephen Curry works out by. I try to emulate that philosophy as much as I can.”

Jonas isn’t just a phenom on the court though; he’s a standout in the classroom as well. Jonas has maintained a 4.25 GPA throughout high school. He was raised that school comes first, then basketball. This hasn’t stopped him, however.

“I was always raised that my schoolwork came first,” Jonas explained. “So, when I get home, I always do my work before I go lift or work out. I would also say it helps me manage my time wisely.”

Jonas, during his tenure at FHC, has consistently prioritized cultivating a winning culture and exemplifying leadership. Whether on the court or in the classroom, he remains steadfast in his commitment to fostering an environment where excellence thrives.

“From being a captain for the past two years, I have realized that when a guy has a question, it tends to be you directed towards me,” Jonas said. “Whether that’s on a play they’re unsure of or they just lost their warmup they come to me instead of the coach. It makes me feel good because it’s almost like you’re the coach on the floor. I do think I have a big impact on the guys, though, especially the younger ones.”

Jonas has put in countless hours to perfect his craft. From driving innumerable hours to compete in AAU tournaments to tiring out the shooting machine in the gym, there is no doubt that Jonas has made a huge impact on the Rangerball program throughout his three years at FHC.

If there’s one thing that he’s proven, it’s that devotion and hard work can shape not just ability, but character as well. As Jonas has matured into an accomplished player at FHC, he has developed goals for himself so that he can become the best basketball player possible. 

“The fact that I’ve been here for three years now and I’m playing with seven other seniors is cool, almost unheard of,” Jonas said. “We’re all just buds, playing and just having a great time. However, I don’t feel we’re done yet.”


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