FHC ski celebrates the class of 2022 at Cannonsburg

FHC ski celebrates the class of 2022 at Cannonsburg

FHC ski celebrated its seniors Tuesday night at Cannonsburg. The multi-opponent meet was kicked off with a tribute to the seniors, recognizing all of the hard work they have put in to make the season successful. Next, all senior families were invited to take pictures and watch the ceremony that kicked off the night by announcing all of the ski team seniors. After the ceremony, the ski team showed what it means to be a Ranger by dominating the slopes.

One of the top men finishers of the night was junior Christian Bethea, who took seventh place with a single run time of 37.37 seconds on the slalom. Not far behind was sophomore Mickey Mehney with a 39.86 second time to secure 13th.

Junior Lucy McLean competed in the womens giant-slalom division with a time of 21.85 seconds, securing seventh place. Backing her up was junior Ally Werkema, who clocked in at 34.51 seconds; enough time to move her up to 13th place.

This night was dedicated to the seniors and was a preview of what the team will bring in the upcoming regional matches. Many of the younger athletes on the team are growing and becoming more confident in their abilities, setting up FHC for a successful run at regionals. These younger athletes mostly credit their newfound confidence in the team’s chemistry and more specifically seniors. Senior leadership is vital in ranger ski and has influenced many of its athletes. 

“As Ben’s [Taylor] co-captain, I am learning how to be a leader of the team by watching him discuss the course and what we should be looking for,” Christian said. “The other seniors are all comfortable talking to people and have fun on the team.” 

To watch the Rangers conquer the slopes at regionals, be sure to make it out to Caberfae Ski Resort on Monday, February 14.