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Q & A with varsity skier, senior Olivia Oorbeck


Name: Olivia Oorbeck

Sport: Varsity ski

Grade: Senior

How long have you been skiing?

“I have been skiing since I was three years old. However, when it comes to racing, I used to race when I was younger but stopped due to competitive swimming, but last year, I decided to pick up racing again.”

What other sports do you play at FHC?

“I also play water polo with the other FH schools.”

What is your best memory from your time skiing?

“The best memory for me would either be going up to Caberfae and growing closer with the team or Regionals. I loved the atmosphere and the energy throughout the team, and those were just core memories with not only getting the best times but bonding overall with everyone.”

What are the strengths of this year’s team?

“The strengths, for the girls at least, are the returning racers. Although we lost a couple of varsity racers, most of our roster is returning along with some rising talent.”

What are your individual goals for this season?

“For me, my individual goal is getting better in both slalom and giant slalom. However, slalom has always been a downfall for me, so just getting comfortable within those gates and feeling confident is a main goal for me.”

Who is the biggest influence in your athletic career and why?

“I don’t really have a biggest influence but rather a group of people have influenced my athletic career. From my mom, who used to coach and has given me tips and pointers throughout, coaches on my team last year who showed what I was capable of, to my older coaches whom I’m still in touch with to this day who have helped with issues that I’m having. They have all helped me in some way to become that racer that I am today.”

Do you have any superstitions associated with your meets?

“When it comes to meets, I always play the S&M2 album by Metallica. It was something that I did for a couple of years when I was swimming, and I just brought that superstition over to skiing. I also have to put my equipment on the same way, or it feels off if I don’t and tend not to do as well.”

What is your favorite class this year and why?

“I would say my zero hour, Central Singers, is my favorite class. I adore the environment, and it feels like a family rather than a class. There will be days where we will just talk, and everyone is just super connected and close with one another.”

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