FHC ski meets expectations for the season


All year long, the goal of the FHC boys and girls ski teams has been to make it to the state tournament. To do so, they had to place top three in regionals. Unfortunately, both the girls and the boys team placed fourth not making it. On the upside, however, the girls team sent two freshmen to the tournament as individuals.

At the start of the year, the season was not looking promising. From the start and throughout the entire season, snow conditions were atrocious. To even qualify for the state tournament a team has to race four times. Heading into the last couple weeks of the season, it was unknown if the team would even meet that number. Thankfully, they managed to squeeze enough races in and make it a possibility.

At the beginning of the year at the peak of the poor conditions, Coach Sara Sutton-Yockey reminded the team that, “the last year the girls won states was one with very few races.” This proved true again as the girls team sent two freshmen to states, Chloe Cox and Addy Quinn. These two freshmen are looking like they may turn into fantastic racers as well as team leaders in the next few seasons.

Many say the best part of the ski team is the family atmosphere. Junior Matthew Taylor commented on the atmosphere, “Through the various trips north, we have been able to become very close. It has become a big family more than just a team.” This part was what many considered to be their favorite. Especially the members that didn’t race quite as much definitely loved this part.

The ski team may not be the best team in the school, but it might be the team that has the most fun. On all accounts, nobody dislikes being on the team. Senior captains Lucy McLean, Christian Bethea, and Thomas Carano spoke on what the ski team has meant to them over the years.

Christian Bethea stated: “The team part of the ski team is really something special. some of my best memories have been with my team and having the privilege of being a captain and leading these boys and girls on their fun season has been an amazing experience. I couldn’t have asked for more fun people and the people are really what makes the ski team a great team to be a part of. I met my best friends through skiing and picked up a lifelong sport along the way.”

Lucy McLean also chimed in saying: “Ski has been my favorite extracurricular for the past four years. Everyone on the team has always been so kind and welcoming each year. I consistently look forward to going to practice and races no matter how I would feel because I knew the team would make me happier! I will miss everyone so much!”

To end it off, Thomas Carano said: “Ski team for me has been probably my favorite thing of all of high school. It’s been the thing I’ve looked forward to every year and it’s gotten better year after year. It gives me a feeling that nothing else could and the friendships and experiences I’ve gotten from the team is something I will never forget.”