FHC ski places fourth at the conference meet


This season has not quite lived up to the standards of the FHC ski team so far. A season riddled with canceled meets, late snow, and a fourth-place finish at regionals (one back from qualifying for states). The conference meeting on Tuesday, February 21, gave FHC ski a place to prove itself as a top-tier team.

To start off, the boys were placed fourth. At the end of the day, this was not a bad finish. Now the team had been dealing with poor conditions all season, but they were not nearly as bad as they had been earlier in the season. Skier Nicholas Notarnicola commented on the conditions. “The conditions were not bad, at the start they were good but they got worse as the day went on. It got pretty icy.” So for the final races of the day, the boys slalom, the icy conditions made times drop overall.

Despite the lack of winning, the team has improved quite a lot. Senior captain Christian Bethea commented on the improvement. “Many things have gone into the improvement, the team made the trip to Colorado a couple of weeks ago as well as practicing in the crappy conditions that the races have been in.”

The team has a large number of underclassmen so the experienced members of the team were great for them to learn the ropes. It is especially useful to have the leaders of the team give advice on the many conditions they encounter.

Now, on the girls’ side, they also got fourth, but their situation was a little different. The girls team was without senior captain Lucy Mclean. This being so, fourth place is not bad at all. Given that they were without one of their top racers, they did better than expected. Overall the team had one of its best races of the season.

Senior Ally Werkema commented on the race. “Everyone ran a great race and it was a super fun way to end our conference season.” Obviously, even without a key skier, the team had a great time. This quote really sums up the ski team atmosphere, every meeting they are always trying to have fun. No matter the results. That’s what makes the FHC ski team such a great overall team.