The FHC track and field team wins Northview meet


This week, the FHC track and field team faced off against Forest Hills Northern, Northview, and East Grand Rapids. This meet was no exception for FHC’s constant success rate with the men taking first overall and the women taking second. The track and field teams’ breakout year is in full swing as states approach.

The 100-meter dash team started off strong with Max Meadow and Evan Boucher taking first and second place, respectively, with times of 11.26 and 11.64 seconds. The women showed promise with Lucy Yoder taking second with a time of 13.27 seconds and Lauryn Gaskin was close behind with 13.36 seconds to take third.

The womens 300-meter hurdle was run by FHC with Ranger athletes holding second, third, and fourth place. In second was Grace Fitzgerald with a time of 48.07 seconds, followed by Lotta Peterson and Abigail Cumings with 51.77 seconds and 52.95 seconds. The mens 110-meter hurdle race saw senior Alex Kaufmann take third place with a time of 18.62 seconds

The mens 4-by-800 had huge successes, taking first overall with a time of 8 minutes and 27.18 seconds. The team consisted of Will Banfield, Sam Yeager, Ethan Krampe, and Jacob Sanford. The womens team ran hard and placed second with a time of 10 minutes and 16.17 seconds. Running this race was Mia Bateson, Peyton Ludwig, Clara James-Heer, and Mia Stibitz.

Mens 400-meter dash also saw huge improvements with FHC taking second and third place with runners Evan Boucher and Max Meadow. Their respective times were 53.83 seconds and 55.20 seconds. Womens 400-meter dash was run by Zenash Cummings, Gwen Lamport, and Gabby Miller to take second, fourth, and sixth place. Their times, respectively, were 1 minute and 4.28 seconds, 1 minute and 5.53 seconds, and 1 minute and 10.84 seconds.

“Our performance yesterday was really encouraging,” senior leader Gabby Miller said. “I think everyone had a personal record or season record in at least one event.”

The next Ranger track and field meet will be the Red Hawk Invitational on Saturday, May 7, at Red Hawk Stadium at 9:00 AM.