FHC JV ski team competes in its championship race


This previous Thursday, February 16, the FHC JV ski team competed in the championship against six other teams. The initial thought among many racers was that this race would be canceled just as many others were due to weather inconsistencies and a spike in temperature. But due to an unexpected snowfall, the JV team was blessed with a white bed of snow leaving the team able to compete in its championship race and have and potentially end its season with one last successful race.

As we were presented with an unexpected change in weather, the snowfall held some concerns for the ski team as skiers lined up for races.

Sophomore Heather Ringle speaks on her feelings about Thursday’s racing conditions saying, “The conditions Thursday seemed to be bad considering we weren’t really expecting that change in weather, but to my surprise racing was just fine and there were no issues with the course.”

Starting off with the girl’s giant slalom race. Sophomore Morgan Cerny finished in seventh place with a combined time of 1:05.53 between her two runs and following behind her was junior Kiera Kemppainen who finished in ninth place with a combined time of 1:06.43 between her two runs.

Moving on to the girl’s slalom race, junior Olivia Oorbeck finished in fourth place with a combined time of 1:17.97 between her two runs. FHCs next top racer taking part in this event was sophomore Morgan Cerny; Morgan had a combined time of 1:23.26 between her two runs and finished in 10th place.

The boy’s JV team also competed in its championship race this past Thursday. Some race times from this event were freshmen Colton Comiskey with a first run of 36.93 seconds and a second run of 35.81 seconds, sophomore William Wen with a first run of 37.28 seconds and a second run of 36.21 seconds, and finally, junior Nico Notarnicolla with a first run of 31.15 seconds and a seconds run of 31.59 seconds.

For the boy’s slalom race, the top racers for FHC were freshman Colton Comiskey with a combined time of 1:37.94 seconds between his two runs. Behind Colton was freshman Franklin Feng with a combined time of 1:41.97 between his two runs. Lastly, sophomore William Wen with a combined time of 1:48.73 between his two runs.

As the JV ski team looks to close out its season, there is a realization that this was unlike past seasons and not the way many were expecting it to go. Because the weather was not in the ski team’s favor this season, the FHC JV ski team competed in a total of four races despite the original schedule. The ski team is looking to reschedule a previous race that was canceled. As of now, the team is looking into this Thursday, February 23, with consideration of any weather changes.