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Rookies that Could be Good to Lookout for Fantasy Football


Fantasy Football is a game that many sports fans amongst the fans of the NFL. But a question that arises every year, especially after the NFL draft occurs is, “Which Rookies will be the most productive for the next fantasy football season?” While there are some clear choices, I’ll be going over some players that I believe will have an impact in fantasy football and explaining why I believe so.


Marvin Harrison Jr.

Marvin Harrison Jr. was selected fourth overall by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2024 NFL Draft. Marvin is known for his excellence on the field he showed throughout his three seasons at Ohio State University. In his first season like most freshmen, he didn’t perform well and only recorded 5 receptions for 68 yards. However, Marvin would start in the 2022 Rose Bowl where he recorded six receptions for 71 yards, which peaked his total career stats beforehand. After having an incredible sophomore and junior year, Marvin Harrison Jr. had declared for the draft which brings us to him being drafted by the Cardinals. Marvin will be filling in a massive hole on the offensive side of the ball for the Cardinals as their receiving room is worse than below average. However, the team will be showing off an upcoming tight end Trey McBride, and a quarterback who still has yet to prove his capabilities in the NFL Kyler Murray. I believe that Marvin Harrison Jr. will be one of the best rookies in the draft but when it comes to fantasy football I think he will excel and potentially even come out as a top 10 fantasy football wide receiver as long as we don’t see injuries in the offensive line or Kyler Murray or of course, Marvin Harrison Jr.


Cooper DeJean and Quinyon Mitchell

As odd as it seems to have not one, but two cornerbacks in a column about Fantasy Football, these two rookies have shown incredible talent throughout their college careers. Quinyon Mitchell is the main focus in this section, however, as he will be starting at the cornerback position while DeJean is not. Quinyon Mitchell will heavily improve the defense and since it was one of the biggest disappointments last season to watch the Eagles’ secondary get cooked and skewed game after game, we likely won’t be seeing much of that this season, which heavily improves the fantasy draft stock on the Eagles Defense. If Cooper DeJean can prove himself as not only serviceable but heavily talented, then the defense and potentially return teams could be seeing one of the best returners for rookies.


Brock Bowers

Being one of the greatest tight ends in college football history, Brock Bowers has been drafted to the Las Vegas Raiders with the 13th overall pick. He was the first back-to-back winner of the John Mackey Award in college football history, an award given to the best tight end. He will serve as a massive piece of the Raiders’ offense as he can serve as a fantastic blocker, but also an incredible receiver. While he may not be coming out of Iowa like Sam LaPorta was, Brock Bowers just may be one of the best tight ends when it comes to fantasy football this year as he will be one of the biggest pieces in this offense and possibly the best receiver on the team.


Now this isn’t my top list of who’s going to be the best of the best, but these rookies will have significant impacts on their teams. It’ll be not only exciting but entertaining to see how they do in the league, and how they do on our fantasy football teams.

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Sam Bauchan
Sam Bauchan, Staff
Sam is a student at Forest Hills Central; he is going into his Sophomore year in high school. He only plays one sport, that being JV football. He plays Center on the Offensive Line. Some things Sam would like you to know about him is that his favorite NFL player is Jamaal Williams, and he also loves Kenneth Walker III.  His favorite food is some fried chicken from Wingstop. But to be fair, if you got him anything from Wingstop, he would be super happy. He is a big fan of the Detroit Lions. Favorite movie: He loves Happy Gilmore Something he loves: Stouffer's Family Size Meatloaf Something he hates: He hates watching movies. His favorite gym lift: Power Clean  

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