FHC crew places well at nationals

FHC crew places well at nationals

This past weekend, our very own FHC Crew sent two boats to nationals: Varsity lightweight men’s double and varsity men’s four to Nashville, Tennessee. These two boats have won various meets all season and have continued their streak of excellent performances at the national meet.

Team captain and senior Sam Logan were crucial in leading this squad to nationals. He has led the team well all year, helping out his teammates and being one of the best rowers in the country. Committed to Oregon State to row, he is a fundamental piece of this team.

He further commented on his boat’s performance at nationals, saying: “In our final, we had a good start but did not have a great middle of the race. We were in fifth for a while but then we finished strong and brought it back to get third.”

One of FHC’s best and least recognized teams, the crew team, is one of FHC’s hidden gems. Being a member of this team is not easy, as there are many sacrifices crew members make to be a part of this team. A couple of weekends ago, the team also had to miss prom to row. Although they had a “Crom,” they still had to give up a particular high school night. This shows the sacrifices these members make to succeed at the highest level.

The other boat that qualified, the lightweight men’s double, included juniors Ryan Brom and Hayden Bolter. They placed fifth overall. This is extremely impressive to make it to such an accomplished stage as a junior.

Hayden spoke on his success as a junior: “It was a lot of work, but nationals was definitely a reward for it, even though we didn’t do how we wanted to. It was a great experience for next year.”

At the end of the day, making it to nationals is very admirable. Not only that, but to succeed at this high of a level is exceptional. Two FHC juniors placing fifth, and second in the nation all together is extremely impressive and just goes to show how good FHC’s rowing program is.