The hidden heroes of FHC teams

The hidden heroes of FHC teams

Running a sports team is difficult as it involves all of the practices, games, and keeping up with everything thrown at you. Coaches usually are the ones to get recognized for their hard work, but a group of people who deserve credit is team parents. 

Team parents keep the team running with pre- and post-game dinners, overall support, and keeping the coaches’ responsibilities to a minimum. 

Junior Jackson Savin, goes into detail about the importance of a team parent and how he or she impacts how the team runs throughout the season.

“Team parents do most everything. They plan events such as the team banquet and team dinners, they help work the games by working concessions and ticket booths, taking pictures, and decorating for events like senior night,” Jackson says. “Another big thing is that they communicate all of the schedules and details to all other parents, players, and coaches.” 

Being a part of a team is difficult, so having an extra set of hands is extremely beneficial for both the players and the coaches when they need anything that the team parent is usually there for. 

One person who puts in extra effort for the team and loves to make sure to make it out to all of the games to not only support the team but support her son Henry is Karen Kostbade. She goes into greater detail about how she helps the boys out along with what her favorite part about the soccer team is. 

“I have helped the Rangers boys soccer team as the announcer both when my exchange student Francesco Licci played on the team back in 2018 and a few years later when my son Henry Kostbade made varsity,” Mrs. Kostbade says. “I volunteer because I am a huge fan and love everything about soccer. Soccer has come a long way, and kids today play a higher level of soccer than kids did when I was growing up.”

While working with teams can be a bit of a hassle some days and tons of extra work, that doesn’t stop the parents from going the extra mile for the team. 

Another team mom who is also a huge supporter of the Ranger soccer team with all of the effort she puts in as its photographer is Mrs. Jessica Decker. Two out of three of her sons attend FHC and both of them play soccer. As  a team mom, she has a lot on her plate but makes sure the team runs smoothly throughout the season. 

“I volunteer because I love capturing the exciting soccer moments: the high fives, hugs, slide tackles, celebrations, saves and so many more. The best part is the kids’ reactions when they see the entire season in the slide show. They pour their heart into a game I love to watch. Capturing special moments is the least I can do,” she says enthusiastically. 

Gretta Kriekard is a sophomore at FHC and loves the support that team parents give to her. The extra morale boost can go a long way, and she hopes the team parents get the appreciation they deserve. 

“Parents impact the team by showing support and the time they donate to the team. They benefit the team by showing love and support to the players and also showing up to the games. They deserve a lot of credit for all that they do.” 

Next time a banquet is held for your team, photographs are taken, or the stands are filled with people watching you compete, make sure to think of the team parents and all of their hard work that allows all of that to happen. FHC thanks all team parents and supporters for that extra helping hand.