Signing out- Thanks FHC


    One day in A.P. Seminar, I was talking with the now editor-in-chief, Serena Thiede, and she was telling me all about the FHC Sports Report. I have always known I loved to write, and I had Mr. Sultini my sophomore year. Then, I got a text about an hour later, and she asked me if I was interested in writing about boys swim and dive for that season. I anxiously accepted, not sure if it was out of excitement or genuine interest in the class yet I said I would love to. Former editor-in-chief, Thomas Cobb, sent me a text while I was sitting in athletic training learning about how to wrap some part of the body, not paying attention to what was going on. I set up my Sports Report account. I had no clue what I had gotten myself into. Taping a few more body parts, the semester ended, and athletic training was over which meant I was joining the FHC Sports Report.

    As soon as I walked into the room, I was getting bantered at by the group of boys about my boyfriend at the time and how lucky I was to have him. I immediately questioned what I got myself into. The class continued, and every day I had something to look forward to. I was in a class with my best friend and something new, exciting and hilarious happened every single day. Then, the year came to a close with prom and the 1st annual FHC Sports Awards Show. After the show that night, our Sports Report class went to JTs to celebrate, people were congratulating us with high fives, pats on the back, and much more. May of 2022 was a month to remember.

    I used to feel like my writing was not good, for every story I wrote I would get nervous to post and excited to see how it would do. When it comes to writing, I felt more pressure based on the views it got, who read it, and who liked it. I have always been this way. This class gave me the chance and the opportunity to show people I can write and an opportunity to show people I am not scared anymore to publish something I am passionate about. I am proud of my work and can take some pride in what I accomplished last year and what continued throughout this year.

    In the future, I do not know my plan. I had an interest in a career in writing for a while, which did end up burning out, but that did not stop my passion for writing. Sports Report changed me. It changed me as a writer. It changed who I was friends with. It changed how comfortable I am with my work. It gave me friends. It gave me a chance to get what I felt I should say out to the world. It gave me a community. Sports Report turned around my high school career. Though some days it was difficult, because it can be a lot of work, it helped me grow. Sports Report changed me as a whole. I am so thankful for the past year-and-a-half, for the 109 stories ( and counting) I have written, for my friends that have become a huge part of my life through this class, for my family reading every story I sent in the group chat, but especially for the family that FHC Sports Report is. I may not have a Sports Report in my future, but I will forever hold onto the memories that have been created through my time in the class that changed my life.