Varsity softball’s enthusiasms are still high despite the losses that they have gained


Monday, April 24, the girls varsity softball team faced off against Northview High School. The girls did not do as well as they hoped but had some great plays. In the field, not only were there some great catches, but a few even better plays, including a triple play. Each game the girls continue to step up their game both at the plate and in the field. The score ended up being 9-19 in the first game and 0-16 in the second. 

Senior Elizabeth Ptak notices the improvements that the girls make after every game and at every practice. The morale is up and their game is continuing to get better as well. 

“I feel like we have a good start this year, I am excited to see where we go the rest of the season. The hardest part about this season is definitely that we only have a varsity team, we didn’t have enough people for the JV team, I am really looking forward to bonding with the team, we have played well together for many years so it is a lot of fun,” Elizabeth said. 

The girls are about halfway done with their season now, with many ups and downs, wins, and losses. Sophomore Avery Koehler is excited to see how they end their season off considering the winning streak they have going on currently. 

“I feel like we have a shot at going far, we have won some and lost some but still done some good things as a team,” Avery said. “I have high hopes for us and see good things for us in the future. Our team is really strong, every game we play there is always progress and it’s really fun to see that day in and day out.”

The girls next game will be Thursday, April 27, against Kenowa Hills. The girls want to show all the hard work they have been putting in, so make sure to drive out to see the girls play at 4:15 pm.