Cornerstone University hosts a softball tournament over the weekend for the softball team


Bright and early Saturday morning, the girls varsity softball team faced off in a tournament at Cornerstone University. The girls started off really strong, with a close win during their first game against South Christian Sailors. The score ended up being 6-5. The second game did not go as well for the Rangers as they might have hoped; the girls fell short with a final score of 19-9 against West Catholic.

Their first game against South Christian Sailors went very well for the girls. Seniors Maya Holser hit an out-of-the-park home run, and Lauren Halverson hit an in-park home run, with many other good hits across the board. This was conjuncted with great fielding by the entire team, including a few amazing catches that continued to wow both spectators along with the opposing team.

Freshman Priya Mahabir loves being on the team. The atmosphere, connection, and friendships that are developed make the hard practices and early morning tournaments worth it because of the bond she is growing with the girls.

“This team is great, it has allowed me to become close with people I otherwise would not be friends with. Practice takes up a lot of my time, right after school for an hour or two, and it keeps me busy. But I do not mind because I get to become close with these girls. The team is my favorite part about playing softball, but do not get me wrong–I love playing but I love becoming close with everyone more,” Priya said.

The girls’ next game is Monday, April 24, at 4:15 PM against Northview high school. Make sure to come to see the girls face off against a tough competitor on the Ranger field.