Farewell, Ranger Volleyball


An end to what has been nothing short of an incredible season for the FHC Ranger Volleyball Team. While it may be hard to swallow the fact that the season is over, the achievements that these ladies have accomplished this season represent the true meaning of hard work and dedication.

“Coming into this season, many other teams believed we would be easy to beat,” stated senior Kate Hotaling, “but we worked hard and proved them wrong.”

This team has pushed through so much adversity, and the fact that they were projected to be an average team, and in turn, finishing the season as a top-five team in the state is not common. The Rangers went undefeated in the regular season, something that experts said would not happen.

The ladies overcame their biggest rival in the last game of the regular season, that opponent being the FHN Huskies. While the ladies had fallen to them multiple times before, they rose victorious when it mattered. This is only one of many fond memories the ladies have created this season.

“My favorite memory from this season is when we braided our hair for the playoffs,” quoted junior Avery Weslow. “It meant a lot because we all got to spend time together and talk about things we usually wouldn’t in volleyball.”

I have nothing but good things to say about this team, and while the season came to an emotional end in the regional semi-finals, the ladies walked off the court with their heads held high. No one likes losing, and it takes a strong person to keep their composure in desperate times of failure and defeat. Any tears that were wept the night of the regional semi-finals were tears of love, a love for a season and team that has meant so much to our Ranger volleyball players.

“Going into the season I knew that this was probably going to be the last time I was going to play volleyball,” said senior captain Sarah Dunn.” Knowing this I knew that I wanted to have one of my best seasons individually and as a team, and looking back I can honestly say I am so proud of the season we had, and I’m sad it had to end but I wouldn’t change a thing.”

The hard part about writing stories like these is the fact that not all team members will be back on the courts next year. This senior class has put in so much work throughout their four years in the program, and to see it come to an end is hard. This team and this sport have meant so much to each senior, which is why I have asked them to share any final words with their teammates and fans. In honor of the seniors who have put in the hard work, to create an environment that FHC families love to be a part of, we thank you for all that you have done for this school and this program.

“I would like to say thank you to my teammates and supporters so much for making my time at FHC so memorable.” – Emma Costello

“Thank you so much for the endless support and for making my senior year very memorable.” – Averie Zaschak

“Thank you so much for supporting us all through this program and being by our side for the last four years, we love each and every one of you.” – Ally Werkema

“To my teammates, I love you guys thank you for making my senior season so special. To the parents and fans, thank you guys for always supporting me and the team through wins and losses.” – Kate Hotaling

“I would just like to thank everyone for making these some of the best years of my life and for always being so supportive, I wouldn’t change my four years playing varsity volleyball at FHC for anything.” – Sarah Dunn