Boys JV baseball gears up for the start of the season


With the first pitch about to commence for this year’s JV baseball team, expectations for another outstanding season are extremely high. This team has some big goals, goals that will set them apart from its competition, and its commitment to excellence is going to be unmatched.

“We all want to grow and improve as baseball players,” said sophomore Joel Ford. “We want to finish with a winning record, beat all of our rivals, and win the JV OK White Conference title.”

This team has a lot to live up to. The past two JV teams have been some of the best in school history, with the bar being so high for the team this year, there are some speculations about whether they will live up to the high expectations the most recent teams have made.

“We have a lot of confidence,” stated Joel Ford. “We know what we want, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. I personally believe this JV is going to be the best the school has ever seen.”

With big aspirations come big goals, and with big goals comes strict commitment. If not every player on the team is willing to give it their all, then the team will fail to reach success. However, this is one of the closest teams to come through the program in a long time, a lot of these players have been on the same team from a very young age, so forming team chemistry won’t be as much of an issue.

Most teams talk about huge season goals, however, the key to seeing great success is the small goals. The small goals are what push you closer and closer to the final end goal, which for this team, is a perfect season.

“This team is special, I can see it in practice,” quoted Joel Ford. “I know that this team has what it takes to win every game, our chemistry is there as well as our skill. I am so excited to start this season.”

There is no doubt that this team is special, we can all admit that. However, when it comes time to work, we will see what passion these boys truly have for the game. The boys first game will be Tuesday, April 11 at 6:15 pm against Byron Center. The only thing that is between the Rangers and winning their first game are the words “Play Ball!”