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Top Ten NFL Stadiums


The NFL consists of shared stadiums, indoor stadiums, and outdoor stadiums (some have closing roofs!) and is very unique to each area. NFL players seem to find preferences in which stadiums they play at, but also the fans seem to find a preference in the stadiums. But what is the top ten? With only 30 stadiums out of 32 teams, it’s a big question due to the amount they’re used.

Number Ten: Indianapolis Colts, Lucas Oil Stadium.

Hosting the Colts, the stadium is a very fond stadium for many fans. Having a capacity seat of 70,000 people, the stadium falls in between the most amount of seats and the least amount of seats in stadiums around the league. Opening on August 16th, 2008. The Colts had gotten to play in a stadium called the RCA Dome; a stadium that had hosted around 56,000 people until the building was demolished in December 2008. 

Number Nine: Baltimore Ravens, M&T Bank Stadium

While only hosting around 1,000 more seats than Lucas Oil Stadium, M&T Bank Stadium hosts the Ravens on natural grass, which makes the safety of the playing field better. At M&T Bank Stadium, you’ll find disabled seating at every level of seating and you’ll also find 128 Suites which can carry up to 20-24 people depending on who’s using them.

Number Eight: Atlanta Falcons, Mercedes-Benz Stadium

With 71,000 seats, the Atlanta Falcons play here at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, formerly known as New Atlanta Stadium. However, the stadium can expand up to 75,000 available seats. The Stadium is well known for its multi-purpose use as it hosts soccer events alongside football. The stadium is very nice although it has turf instead of natural grass, but the stadium also comes along with a retractable roof to improve the environment of games.

Number Seven: Kansas City Chiefs, Arrowhead Stadium

With another increase in stadium size, Arrowhead Stadium carries up to 76,000 fans and has the players playing on natural grass which many other natural grass stadiums use known as Bermuda grass. Bermuda grass is very easy to maintain and allows players to not have to worry about injury risks. Arrowhead Stadium is also home to the Kansas City Chiefs which it’s fanbase is known to be the loudest here at this stadium.

Number Six: Las Vegas Raiders, Allegiant Stadium

Being the host of Super Bowl 58, Allegiant Stadium uses Bermuda grass just like the Kansas City Chiefs. A very nice stadium and it allows up to 65,000 fans which can extend up to 71,000 fans. Not only is the playing experience good for the players, but with the walls having the ability to open, it shows a gorgeous view of the Las Vegas Strip for all fans to see when opened.

Number Five: Seattle Seahawks, Lumen Field

Hosting a mass amount of seating up to around 69,000, Lumen Field is one of the most iconic stadiums in the league. While it also hosts the Seattle Seahawks, it also is a host for a massive amount of venues in which the Stadium is used. The open roof allows a gorgeous view of the city of Seattle and is a very visually appealing place to watch a game.

Number Four: Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field

With a massive stadium like Lambeau Field, it allows up to around 81,000 fans to be seated, and not only is it massive but being opened 67 years ago means that Lambeau Field is the oldest field in the league. It’s an experience and stadium many fans of the NFL would like to go view a football game of the Packers.

Number Three: Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams, So-Fi Stadium

With two teams playing at this stadium, SoFi Stadium is a very nice stadium that sits at a capacity of 70,000 which is expandable up to 100,000. Something unique about the stadium is that the million-square-foot canopy is made up of 302 ETFE panels, 42 of which can provide ventilation. The canopy has 27,000 embedded LED pucks, which can display images visible to airplanes flying into the Los Angeles International Airport.

Number Two: Minnesota Vikings, U.S. Bank Stadium

Being built on where the old Metrodome once was, U.S. Bank Stadium is an incredible sight. Carrying up to 73,000 fans, the stadium is large and impressive. It’s one of the nicest indoor stadiums in the league and has a massive glass roof which is beautiful for the eyes when seated at the stadium.

Number One: Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium

With a team that may not be able to make it far into the playoffs seemingly ever, the Stadium is the best compared to any other stadium in the league. With a capacity of 80,000 fans, the stadium is one of the most gorgeous stadiums out there. It’s well-ventilated even though the building is one of the largest and it comes with a retractable glass roof that looks pretty from both indoors and outdoors.

While many of the stadiums on this list are very nice, it’s easily more fun to watch the teams play there rather than focus on what the place looks like from the indoors or outdoors. 

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