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Predicting the Top 10 NFL Rookie Wide Receivers


We haven’t seen them on any primetime games yet, but this draft class was very exciting to look at throughout their college careers. But when an NFL draft is over, people begin ranking and predicting which players will have the most success during their NFL careers. Of course, this is another prediction. It’s very interesting to talk about which receivers are going to be better than others when we haven’t even seen them play outside of College yet.


Number 10: Ladd McConkey

Being a star receiver for Georgia, Ladd was a big part of this team and their 13-1 overall record this season. He was drafted by the Los Angeles Chargers in the second round with the 34th pick. Not only will he be a big player on the Chargers, but I believe he will climb his way up the depth chart easily seeing how the only two receivers ahead of him are proven to be poor playing players.


Number Nine: Xavier Worthy

I believe that Xavier Worthy is the most overrated player in this entire draft alongside Rome Odunze. Xavier Worthy is a player that coming up to this draft hadn’t impressed me. The fact is that speed truly isn’t everything. Lots of people know Tyreek Hill as the Cheetah and he’s incredibly fast but people forget that he’s not just fast but he’s one of the best in every category when it comes to receivers. And not to mention the fact that his college highlight reel only consists of mainly deep ball catches from burning college cornerbacks, not any hands being shown, crazy catches, route running, footwork, just speed, and even more speed. I still do believe that he will make an impact on the Kansas City Chiefs and will make the receiving core much better than it was last year. I bet Patrick Mahomes will feel some nostalgia when he gets another fast receiver like he once had with Tyreek Hill.


Number Eight: Keon Coleman

Having height can help tremendously in the NFL and it’s not an exception when it comes to receivers: Christian Watson, DK Metcalf, Mike Evans, etc… And Keon Coleman shows a lot of promise. The Buffalo Bills were fortunate enough to be able to pick up such a skillful player in the early second round when Coleman was projected to go in the first round. The reason I only have him at number eight is because I don’t believe he will be as incredible as a receiver as he was for FSU. He won’t be as much of a replacement for Gabe Davis and Stefon Diggs as many Buffalo fans hope he will


Number Seven: Roman Wilson

As crazy of a statement as it seems for me to say that Roman Wilson is arguably the seventh best or even better than seventh receiver in this NFL draft, it really shouldn’t be. He was the WR1 for University of Michigan and his highlight reel shows all the necessities that a receiver in the NFL should have when it comes to becoming a great receiver. He has the hands, the route running, he’s able to find work. Roman Wilson is easily a top ten receiver in this draft and being put on a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers only means that he will have more opportunities to grow, seeing how the Steelers likes to produce incredible wide receivers just like how the Green Bay Packers do with their quarterbacks.


Number Six: Ricky Pearsall

If you want a receiver who can catch a ball from across his entire body, Ricky Pearsall is that guy. If you need a receiver who can catch a ball in the mid field incredibly efficiently, Pearsall is also that guy. His highlight reel is a great way to observe how much of an impact he will have on the 49ers, regardless of how long it takes for them to use him. Brock Purdy, who if he can keep producing for years to come, will be blessed to have a receiver like Ricky Pearsall when Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel have to eventually leave the team.


Number Five: Adonai Mitchell

When it comes to receivers I believe are astoundingly slept on, Adonai Mitchell is a name that comes up every time. He was selected by the Indianapolis Colts in the second round with the 52nd overall pick. I not only believe that Anthony Richardson will now have a complete receiving core to throw to for the next few years with the addition of Adonai Mitchell, but I believe with his ability to run routes better than almost any other receiver in the draft, he will be able to get incredible separation against cornerbacks like he had done in college.


Number Four: Rome Odunze

Controversial placement, but I believe this is the perfect ranking for a receiver who was selected so early in the draft. Rome Odunze may not be a top three receiver in the draft, but I believe that the fact he will have to serve as a WR3 will hinder his performance and development in the NFL severely. He was anything but a bad receiver in college and helped his team out tremendously make it to the final bowl game against Michigan where they unfortunately lost.


Number Three: Brian Thomas Jr.

Now when it comes to Brian Thomas Jr. and Malik Nabers, they did have Jayden Daniels throwing to them, but I believe this is a second coming of the recent Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase. The two receivers are fantastic and Brian Thomas Jr. and his ability to release off of contact between a cornerback and himself is so impressive and will show heavily when he plays and climbs his way up the rankings on the Jacksonville Jaguars. 


Number Two: Malik Nabers

There’s a reason he’s number two, when you’re able to be put above a receiver like Brian Thomas Jr. on the LSU Tigers you have to have a crazy amount of talent. Sure, Malik Nabers isn’t number one but he will heavily improve the declining offense of the New York Giants. When the Giants eventually will get a new quarterback to fit Malik Nabers playstyle, we will begin to see the upcoming and rising of the Giants once again. 


Number One: Marvin Harrison Jr.

The fact that a receiver like this could be the undisputed number one in so many different scouting reports and fan opinions is absolutely mind-blowing. The son of famous Hall of Fame Colts receiver Marvin Harrison, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016, has become the most impressive prospect that fans of football have seen in a while. Which is humorous seeing how it’s occurring while Brock Bowers and Caleb Williams do the same at their own position. Marvin Harrison Jr. will undoubtedly dominate the league in his career, and it’ll be even more obvious why people have him as the number one receiver of this 2024 draft after his first season.


While some of the choices may seem biased and unfair, I chose these choices because I believe that how they performed in college will translate into how this ranking was formed. I also ranked this based off of beliefs, which could entirely mean that Javon Baker could end up being the best receiver in the draft even though he was the 110th pick.


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