JV baseball starts the season off with a great week of play


A solid start for what is sure to be an amazing season for the JV baseball team. This past week the boys went 4-1 in five games. This is an incredible start for the Rangers, and it is proof that FHC baseball has a more than promising future.

The Rangers’ first conference competition was against Byron Center this year. The boys went 2-1 against the Bulldogs putting up a couple of great performances. Even with an unfortunate loss added to their record, the Rangers still played good baseball all three games.

“I feel like we performed very well this week,” said sophomore Ty Mckellar, “It felt like we played really well, even though the outcome wasn’t always the best, I think we should have beat Byron Center all three games. Our pitching really stood out which has been a huge part of our four wins so far.”

Coming off of a strong start against the Bulldogs, the Rangers faced off against Allendale. The boys’ play against Allandale looked impressive, and the Rangers came out 2-0 against Allandale. After Saturday the Rangers obtained a record of 4-1, with a lot of help from players such as Ty Mckellar, Aaron Schellenberg, and Joel Ford.

Looking forward, the Rangers have some tough matchups in the next seven days. The team’s second conference opponent will be the East Grand Rapids Pioneers. I think it’s safe to say this will be a gritty match-up.

“The competition should be good against EGR this week,” stated sophomore Aaron Schellenberg. “It’s especially important for us to win because they are huge conference rivals.”

With only a couple of things for the Rangers to improve on for this week’s competition, such as pinch-hitting and base running, they should make quick work of the Pioneers. There is a lot of hatred between FHC and EGR, that is no secret. If the Rangers can pull out a sweep against East, it would not only improve their chances of winning the conference, but it would also prove which school is superior. The first game against the Pioneers will be this upcoming Tuesday at 6:15 pm. This will be one of many displays of the Rangers dominating their opponents.